Friday, March 28, 2014

1876 - Shower of Flies

Canada is not to be outdone by Kentucky's meat shower, and hence has had a shower of flies millions of which accompanied a recent snowstorm on Monday week, at Riviere du Loup . Jules Verne, in his "Mysterious Island," anticipated both of these wonders by a flock of white sea birds which covered the land and filled the air so thoroughly that they were mistaken for a snow-storm. The baking of a dog scared them, however, and they rose the true nature of the phenomenon was perceived. There is room for several new marvels before the summer and snake story season.

Date: April 06, 1876
Location: Ohio
Paper: Cincinnati Daily Gazett

Saturday, March 15, 2014

1874 - Curious Clock

A Thompson, Connecticut, clock company has shipped a curious clock to San Francisco, to be placed in the tower of the greatest hotel on the continent, where it will furnish the time for 500 dials, which are to be operated by compressed air carried in pipes all over the building. The building has 500 rooms and there is to be a dial in every room.

The Galveston Daily News
Galveston, Texas
February 24, 1874

1860 - Throwing Brickbats in Sleep

A young man residing in West Thompson, Connecticut, rose in his sleep, Sunday night crawled through the attic scuttle to the roof of the house, commenced loosening the bricks from the chimney, and throwing them upon the roof. His father, alarmed by the noise, called him sharply by name, when the son awoke, lost his balance and fell to the ground. He escaped serious injury.

St Cloud Democrat
Saint Cloud, Minnesota
May 24, 1860

1861 - Canadian "Matres-Familias."

A venerable French-Canadian lady, Mrs. Genevieve Lemoine, died lately at Sorel, Lower Canada, at the good old ages of 92 years. She left, to mourn her loss, a rather numerous family; for she was the mother of 16 children, the grand-mother of 146, the great-grand-mother of 163, and the great-great-grand-mother of 4, thus standing at the head of a legion of 330 persons, belonging to five successive generations.

Examples of that kind are not uncommon in Lower Canada, and travelers agree that it would be difficult to find a more prolific race than the French stock of that country. Families of a score of children are not at all extraordinary on the happy banks of the St. Lawrence, and one may meet every day, in the hilly streets of Quebec, with very good looking ladies - let us call them fair, fat, and forty - in company with pretty young ladies, quite grown up, who are not their daughters, as one might easily suppose, but their grand-daughters!...

The Times-Picayune
New Orleans, Louisiana
April 7, 1861

1874 - 3 Votes Not Enough

An enterprising voter of Cleveland, Ohio, voted three times for a sheriff of Cuyahoga county in the late election. Of course, a candidate so ably voted fro was elected, and the voter, having been convicted of voting, was sent to the penitentiary for three years. One good turn deserves another, and the sheriff for whom the voter voted saw him safely to the prison.

Date: December 25, 1874
Location: Louisiana
Paper: New Orleans Times

1908 - Luxury Tax on Bachelors

The Mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, has issued an "irade" declaring that bachelors should be taxed. Evidently His Honor believes that single-blessedness is a luxury that should be paid for. However that may be in Providence, Rhode Island, it certainly does not hold good in Scranton.

The Scranton Truth
Scranton, Pennsylvania
August 24, 1908

1873 - 91 year-old elected President

Joseph Sweet, ninety-one years of age, has been elected President of the Eagle National Bank at Providence, Rhode Island. Whether Joseph will make it sweeter for himself or the bank is not definitely known.

The Indianapolis News
Indianapolis, Indiana
April 24, 1873