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Greenerpasture Daily News - September 20

Plainfield, Connecticut, USA

1825  A gang of counterfeiters has been discovered in Plainfield, Conn., at the house of one Ezekiel Hall, who was cashier of the company.

Hall was arrested, but three or four accomplices, all of whom ahve been inmates of Newgate, escaped. Two counterfeiters, old convicts, were at the same time arrested in Voluntown, Conn.
Salem Gazette -  Salem, Massachusetts -  September 20, 1825

Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA (Ayers Village)

1887  Striking Stitchers Return to Work

The striking M'Kay stitchers in Haverhill, Massachusetts, held a meeting yesterday and voted to notify the manufacturers that they were ready to go to work.

Harrisburg Telegraph -  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania -  September 20, 1887

Westport, Massachusetts, USA (North Westport)

1887 - Mare Returns Home
The valuable gray mare recently sold cheap to a Westport, Mass., farmer by the horse railroad company of Fall River, surprised her former friends by trotting into the barn in the latter city the other day with a tattered harness hanging to her. The barn employes tried to drive her out, but she made for her old stall and threatened to make things lively for any one seeking to dislodge her. Nothing ... Read MORE...

The Fort Wayne Sentinel -  Fort Wayne, Indiana -  September 20, 1887

Marquette, Michigan, USA

MARQUETTE, Mich., Sept. 20. - A Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic train of sixty-five cars laden with ore got away from the trainmen last night and ran down the grade at a high rate for four miles. At the scale track just west of the city the cars crashed into a side-track full of empty ore flats. Fifty cars are piled thirty feet high. Billy Mahone, the conductor, is missing, and there is no doubt... Read MORE...

Daily Gazette -  Rockford, Illinois -  September 20, 1887

FOREST, Ohio, Sept. 19. - Special Telegram - Early this morning the second section on freight train No. 71, on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway ran into the rear of the first section, badly breaking up two locomotives and about ten cars loaded with freight. A dense fog prevailed at the time, and the accident occurred one mile west of this place. No persons was hurt by the accident,... Read MORE...

Inter Ocean -  Chicago, Illinois -  September 20, 1887

Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA (Attleborough) (South Attleboro)

1895  Yardmaster Killed

PROVIDENCE, Sept. 20. - JOSEPH DICKENS, yardmaster of the Consolidated railroad at Attleboro, Mass., was struck by a freight train yesterday afternoon, and died shortly afterward.

North Adams Transcript -  North Adams, Massachusetts -  September 20, 1895

New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

1896 - An Eastern Cyclone - New Bedford, Massachusetts is Devastated by Wind.
THE LOSS IS OVER $100,000.
Buildings Blown Down and Many Persons Injured - Fire Adds to the Horrors of the Occasion

New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 19 - A cyclone from the west struck this town early this morning dealing out destruction on every hand and perhaps death in one instance... About 6.30 o'clock a huge bolt of lightning descended from a cloud of inky blackness upon the big cotton shed of... Read MORE...

Davenport Daily Republican -  Davenport, Iowa -  September 20, 1896

Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA

1900 - MICE, MATCHES AND WINE - A Combination Which Started and Then Put Out a Fire.
When the post office was opened Monday morning it was found that what was supposed to be water had leaked through the ceiling from the apartments above, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Brooks, who are on the Pacific coast for a stay of several weeks. An investigation followed and a rather remarkable discovery was made. The rooms were filled with smoke and after it was allowed to escape through... Read MORE...

Aberdeen Weekly News -  Aberdeen, South Dakota -  September 20, 1900

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville)

1905 - BERKSHIRE COUNTY. PITTSFIELD. Freight Handler Injured.
John W. Bline, a freight handler employed by the Boston and Albany railroad company, sustained a deep scalp wound and a number of severe bruises late yesterday afternoon by falling from the freight-house platform to the track below. Mr. Bline was engaged in carrying a box from the car to the freight-house when the accident occurred, one of the wheels of the truck he was pushing rolling off the... Read MORE...

Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  September 20, 1905

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA

1906 - COTTAGERS IN GRAVE DANGER - Two Hundred People Awake to Find Great Sea Sweeping Across Their Island.
Wilmington, N. C., Sept 18. - For six or eight hours upwards of 200 men, women and children were cut off from the mainland in imminent peril by a storm which swept Wrightsville beach, nine miles east of Wilmington. The storm reached the zenith of its fury between 6 and 7 o'clock in the morning. It came without warning, and hundreds of cottagers at the beach received their first intimation of... Read MORE...

Cambridge Jeffersonian -  Cambridge, Ohio -  September 20, 1906

1926  September 20 – Twelve blue cars full of gangsters open fire at the Hawthorne Inn, Al Capone's Chicago headquarters. Only one of Capone's men is wounded.

1967  September 20 - Hurricane Beulah moved into South Texas, and torrential rains from the hurricane turned the rich agricultural areas of South Texas into a large lake. Hurricane Beulah also spawned a record 115 tornadoes.

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