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Greenerpasture Daily News - April 23

Danbury, Connecticut, USA

1896 - DANBURY'S FIRE. The Total Loss Inflicted Will Reach Fully $70,000.
Danbury, Conn., April 23. - The fire yesterday afternoon which destroyed Mackinzie & Sons' and Devenport & Von Gals' hat factories and George Taylor's tobacco store, near Taylor street, inflicted a total loss of fully $70,000. The fire started in the drying room of the Mackinzie factory. Engineer Charles B. Pickering smelled smoke, and on opening the door of the drying room the flames burst out... Read MORE...

North Adams Transcript -  North Adams, Massachusetts -  April 23, 1896

Webster, Massachusetts, USA

1902 Wednesday, April 23, 1902 - Fire at Webster, Mass. - It Was so Hot That it Made the River Boil

Webster, Mass. April 23 - John D. Putnam's box factory, adjacent to French river, burned last night. A large section of the factory fell into the river and floated two miles wrapped in flames. The fire was so hot that the river boiled for yards.

The Syracuse Journal -  Syracuse, New York -  April 23, 1902

Mount Vernon, New York, USA

1910 - DRAWN UNDER CAR WHEELS - Suction of Swift Train Carries Bystander to His Death.
Special to The Washington Post

NEW YORK, April 22. - Walter A. Seymour, a Manhattan salesman, who lived near Mount Vernon, was killed by an electric train at the Mount Vernon station this evening.

He was waiting for a local train to go to Pelham, when and express came along on the local track. Mr. Seymour, it is said, was standing close to the edge of the platform. The suction of the train... Read MORE...

The Washington Post -  Washington, D.C. -  April 23, 1910

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Seven Men Including Deputy Chief Langford Overcome After Leaving Small Blaze.


Blaze at Which Men Were Prostrated Like Milwaukee Fire After Which Twelve Died.

Deputy Chief Langford got one whiff of the fumes which poured from the quarters of the Sheffield Standard Plating Company on the second floor of 206-208 Canal Street early last evening and then ordered the men... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  April 23, 1915

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