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Greenerpasture Daily News - June 22

Kamouraska, Québec, Canada (St-Louis-de-Kamouraska)

1843 - Fire
Le Journal de Quebec, of Tuesday last, states that the house of Mr. Pierre Chouinard at Kamouraska, was destroyed by fire on Saturday last occasioned by a child playing with lucifer matches in a room where he was alone with another child of eight months old, who perished in the flames. The mother was absent at church at the time, and the father was also from home. The fire took in the bed, and... Read MORE...

Southern Patriot -  South Carolina -  June 22, 1843

West Haven, Connecticut, USA

1869  Mr and Mrs Tom Thumb

Commodore Nutt and Minne Warren were married on Thursday, at the residence of Tom Thumb's mother, (Mrs. Stratton,) at West Haven, Conn. Tom Thumb and his pretty little wife, once Miss Lavina Warren, the sister of the bride, acted as groomsman and bridesmaid.
Critic-Record -  Washington, D.C. -  June 22, 1869

Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA

1875 - Burning of French Catholic Church
The sad disaster caused by the burning of the French Catholic church at Holyoke, Massachusetts, still causes great gloom in that part of the country. The deaths number about 80. A considerable number of the victims were French Canadians, and their charred and mangled corpses have been sent to their relatives in the Dominion for burial. On the 29th of May the services for over 48 victims were... Read MORE...

The Times -  London, England -  June 22, 1875

Preston, Connecticut, USA

1880  Rats

A farmer in Preston, Conn., who was troubled with rats, purchased a cat with a reputation as a mouser, and rats were soon among the things that were. But on going into the cellar, one day, he saw rats sharing the noonday meal of the cat. The cat appeared to be charmed by them. The farmer allowed the strange friendship to exist for several days.
Jackson Citizen -  Michigan -  June 22, 1880

Richford, Vermont, USA

1892 - Disastrous Flood in Vermont.
RICHFORD, Vt., June 21. - The most disastrous flood since 1869 has visited this section. The booms in the Mississquoi River broke early this morning and thousands of logs belonging to the Richford Lumber Company, Baker, Brainerd & Co., and C. P. Stevens & Co., went down the stream, entailing a loss which can hardly be estimated.

Aside from the loss to the mill companies, a large number of men... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  June 22, 1892

Adams, Massachusetts, USA

1895 - The Biggest in America - A Mill to Be Erected in Adams, Mass., to Employ 1000 People.
North Adams, Mass., June 22. - The biggest cotton mill in America is to be built at once in Adams. This was decided at a meeting of capitalists last night.

The mill will employ over 1000 people, will have 80,000 spindles, and 2100 looms and will cost $1,000,000. It will be 425 feet long and 116 feet wide, with an ell, and will be five stories high.

The enterprise is brought to Adams by the...

Lewiston Sunday Journal -  Lewiston, Maine -  June 22, 1895

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

1898 - SERIOUS ACCIDENT. William Fernald Felled by a Falling Electric Light Pole
The North end was the scene of another terrible accident this morning when William Fernald of Eliot, received injuries that will likely prove fatal.

He was employed on the bridge gang of the Boston and Maine railroad under foreman Preble and at the time of the accident, was engaged in tearing out the old stationary engine houses and runs at Walker's coal pocket.

A rope had been attached to...

Portsmouth Herald -  Portsmouth, New Hampshire -  June 22, 1898

Beverly, Massachusetts, USA (Prides Crossing)

Three Other Men in Cottage Severely Injured

Beverly, Mass., June 21. - Two men were burned to death and three others received severe injuries in a fire which destroyed the Century Club cottage and an adjoining small summer residence at Bates parks, in this city, today. The dead are Henry B. Barrett, a drug clerk, of Peabody, and Bert McShane, of Salem.

The five men had hired the cottage for ... Read MORE...

The Washington Post -  Washington, D.C. -  June 22, 1910

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Richmond Lineman Touched 3,000-Voltage Current With Ungloved Hand.

Special to The Washington Post.
Richmond, Va., June 21. - In sight of fellow-workmen Grover C. Weber, 25 years old, a lineman, was electrocuted when he caught a 3,000-voltage wire with his ungloved hand this afternoon. He was on a high ladder at the sandhouse of the Virginia Passenger and Power Company, and his body was held... Read MORE...

The Washington Post -  Washington, D.C. -  June 22, 1910

San Bernadino, California, USA


San Bernadino June 22. - George A. Ralphs, millionaire grocer of Los Angeles, died here several hours after a three-ton boulder had crushed his leg. The accident occurred in the San Bernadino mountains back of Arrowhead, when Ralphs, standing on the rock, moved aside to make room for Mrs. Ralphs to jump down beside him. The boulder gave way and he fell under it.

The Evening News -  San Jose, California -  June 22, 1914

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

LAS VEGAS, Nev., June 23 - (UP) - A dynamite explosion which claimed the lives of two men and injured three others late Saturday night, near the site of Boulder dam, was scheduled for investigation by a coroner's jury today.

The dead were William Bryant, 42, and Jim Sweeney. Lee Ivey, C. Buckston, 25, and Press Hughes, 28, were the injured, Ivey the most seriously.

The blast, which happened ...

Ogden Standard Examiner -  Ogden, Utah -  June 22, 1931

York, Maine, USA

William Mackie, 11, Loses His Life While At Play
William Mackie, aged 11, of York Village, was drowned yesterday afternoon at the private swimming pool of Andrew Murray Williams at Highland Farm, York Village. He was playing with his brother Edward, aged 7, along the cement wall, when in some way he slipped. The younger brother ran a quarter of a mile to notify his parents. Floyd Rockwell... Read MORE...

Portsmouth Herald -  Portsmouth, New Hampshire -  June 22, 1933

Lubbock, Texas, USA

1981  June 22 - A young woman from Lubbock, TX, was struck by lightning.

The bolt of lightning struck just above her right shoulder near her neck, and passed right to left through her body, tearing her warm-ups, causing her tennis shoes to explode, and lifting her two feet into the air.

The Weather Channel
June 22, 1981

1870  June 22 - The U.S. Congress creates the United States Department of Justice.

1918  June 22 – Suspects in the Chicago Restaurant Poisonings are arrested, and more than 100 waiters are taken into custody, for poisoning restaurant customers with a lethal powder called Mickey Finn.

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