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Greenerpasture Daily News - July 20

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Baltimore, July 15.
The New York papers received this morning, furnish an account of another unfortunate accident occasioned by the explosion of a steam boiler - The Editor of the Commercial Advertiser says, that on Monday evening he went to Jersey City and saw the wreck of the ferry boat and learnt the following particulars:

About one o'clock, the boat arrived at the city of Jersey, from... Read MORE...

The Torch Light And Public Advertiser -  Hagerstown, Maryland -  July 20, 1824

Geneva, New York, USA

It becomes our painful duty to record, in connection with the festivities of the fourth, one of the most melancholy accidents which has for many years befallen our village. In the evening after the usual ceremonies of the day were over, a large and dense assemblage was collected at the head of Seneca St., and in front of the Bank, extending themselves in both directions along Main St., in order... Read MORE...

Vermont Telegraph -  Brandon, Vermont -  July 20, 1842

Saint-Ours, Qu├ębec, Canada

1844  Crushed by Wheel

Yesterday Captain Doyen of St. Ours, a Canadian gentleman of respectability in that parish, was struck on the breast by the shaft of caleche No. 149, belonging to one Milton, and driven by a little boy, and the wheel passed over his body. He died in the course of an hour and a half. - The unfortunate gentleman was 74 years of age.

Spectator -  New York -  July 20, 1844

Dedham, Massachusetts, USA

1849 - Fire in Dedham. Loss of Life.
About 2 o'clock on Saturday morning, fire broke out in a house (formerly the alms-house) in Dedham, owned by Mr. J. F. Richards, which, together with another house and barn, was entirely destroyed. The houses were occupied by thirty-six Irish families. One of the tenants, Mr. David McHugh, was making his egress from his house, having under each arm a child, when he was run against by some one... Read MORE...

Liberator -  Boston, Massachusetts -  July 20, 1849

New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

1866  Stole Money from Letters

A lad seventeen years of age, employed as a clerk in the postoffice at New Bedford, Massachusetts, has been arrested for opening letters and purloining money from them. He confesses his guilt.

Harrisburg Telegraph -  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania -  July 20, 1866

Brimfield, Massachusetts, USA

1902 - MISSING HEIRS LOCATED - Bible Assists in Revealing Dead California Resident's Identity - The Relatives of Salem Charles, Who Left $142,00 Are Discovered in New England.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., July 19. - The mystery surrounding the identity of the man known as "Charles Hill," who died at the Good Samaritan Hospital here on May 17, leaving $142,000 in cash, has been solved. His real name was Salem Charles and his home was at Brimfield, Mass.

The story of the search for heirs by the Public Administrator and his attorney, Leon Moss, is interesting. After following up ... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  July 20, 1902

Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

1905 - THE DROWNING OF CONNECTICUT GIRL - Occurs Under Very Peculiar Circumstances
Bridgeport, Conn., July 30. - A drowning marked with peculiar circumstances occurred late yesterday at Seaside park. The victim was Miss Lillian Brabner, aged fourteen. The girl was sitting on the shore with a companion, Miss Cotton, aged fifteen, when Joseph Barrett, aged twenty-two, and Frederick Butler, aged twenty-one, approached. The men caught the hands of the girls and ran into the water... Read MORE...

The Marion Star -  Marion, Ohio -  July 20, 1905

Palmer, Massachusetts, USA (Bondsville) (Three Rivers)

Cars Derailed at Bad Place Saturday Morning.

Traffic was tied up on the Boston and Albany, railroad for over three hours, Saturday morning on account of two freight cars being derailed under the railroad bridge just east of the union station in Palmer. The accident happened about 6:30 in the morning. Two freights that were running east came into Palmer about 6 o'clock. The first switched off... Read MORE...

The Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  July 20, 1908

Bronx, New York, USA

While hundreds of spectators looked on, helpless to interfere, Ajax, an Asiatic bull deer in the Bronx park zoo, New York, becoming suddenly enraged, crept up behind Keeper William C. Reardon while he was mowing the deer enclosure Saturday and tossed him a dozen feet in the air. As Reardon dropped to the ground Ajax attacked him with his antlers. Reardon was unconscious and he was hurried to... Read MORE...

The Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  July 20, 1908

Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA (Coltsville)

Trees Blown Over, Buildings Damaged and Wires Down as Result of Lively Storm.

A wind and rainstorm that passed over Pittsfield Saturday morning between 11 and 12 o'clock did a large amount of damage in the north part of the city. The storm area was about a mile wide and there was not the slightest difficulty in following the trail of the storm as it blew down trees and telegraph poles and did... Read MORE...

The Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  July 20, 1908

1930 - Scotch tape is invented (Richard Drew (3M), United States)
"...Back in the ’20s, Scotch was a synonym for 'cheap.' Richard Drew, a 23-year-old research assistant at Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, was trying to create a sticky-but-not-too-sticky adhesive tape for auto painters to use on two-tone paint jobs. When he erred on the not-too-sticky side, one of the car-painters asked, 'Why so Scotch with the adhesive?' and a brand name was born.

An...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  July 20, 2014

1953  July 20 - Twenty-two inches of hail reportedly fell northeast of Dickinson, ND.

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