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Greenerpasture Daily News - July 30

Bakersfield, Vermont, USA

1873  July 30 - The Troy Press says a great deal of money changed hands at the recent international wresting match at Troy.

John McMahon's father, who resides in Bakersfield, Vermont, waged his farm and three horses against $4,000, put up by eight individuals at Rutland. The champion's father won, but ti was long odds - about six to one.

Vermont Watchman and State Journal -  Montpelier, Vermont -  July 30, 1873

Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

1979  July 30 - A forty-minute hailstorm bombed Fort Collins, CO, with baseball to softball size hail.

Two thousand homes and 2500 automobiles were damaged, and about 25 persons were injured, mainly when hit on the head by the huge stones. A three month old baby died later of injuries.

The Weather Channel
July 30, 1979

1733  July 30 - Society of Freemasons opens 1st American lodge in Boston

1836  July 30 – The first English language newspaper is published in Hawaii.

1865  July 30 – The steamer Brother Jonathan sinks off the California coast, killing 225.

1870  July 30 - Staten Island ferry "Westfield" burns, killing 100

1932  July 30 - 10th modern Olympic games opens in Los Angeles

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