Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recipe for a Cold - 1815

[From the European Magazine of July, 1790.]

The late Dr. James Malone's recipe for a Cold, which he most strenuously recommended.

"Take a large tea-cup full of linseed, two penny worth of stick liquorice, and a quarter of a pound of sun raisins - put these into two quarts of soft water - let it simmer over the fire till it is reduced to one. Then add it to a quarter of a pound of brown sugar candy, pounded, a table spoon full of old rum, and a table spoon full of good vinegar or lemon juice."

"Note. - The rum and vinegar or lemon juice, are best to be added only to that quantity you are going immediately to take, for if it is put into the whole it is apt to grow flat."

"Drink a half pint going to bed, and take a little when the cough is troublesome. - This medicine generally cures the worst of colds in two or three days; and if taken in time, may be said to be almost an infallible remedy. It is a most sovereign and balsamic cordial for the lungs, without the opening qualities which endanger fresh colds in going out. It has been known to cure colds that have been almost settled in consumptions, in less than three weeks."

Date: December 16, 1815
Location: New York
Paper: Albany Advertiser
Source: genealogybank.com