Friday, December 3, 2010

1876 Christmas

The postoffice will be opened on Christmas day from 9 to 10 a.m. and 12 to 1 p.m.

...Many of our villagers were busily engaged in removing the snow and ice from their sidewalks this morning.

...The snow fell all Friday afternoon and until late in the evening. The quantity is sufficient to make good sleighing, and every owner of a pair of runners and a piece of horse flesh is improving the file sleighing.

...Evergreens are in good demand for decoration purposes.

...If you want to make your wife a nice Christmas present go to Nearpass & Brother and buy one of the Singer Sewing Machines.

...Christmas makes a skip of one day this year. Last year it came on Saturday, but this being leap year, it gently glides over Sunday and occurs on Monday.

...Isn't it about time you commenced to draft the resolutions you will put in force in the forenoon of New Year's day and throw to the winds in the afternoon?

...The display of Holiday goods in most of our business places is very attractive just now. In the night-time the illuminated show-windows present a fine appearance.

...This is the weather when a fellow can go out walking with a girl, and pass an ice-cream saloon without having to take hints or be thought too mean for anything because he did not enter.

...To-day the Christmas shopping culminates. Santa Claus will lay in his last supplies, and prepare for his journey over the house tops and down the chimneys. We hope he has not forgotten anybody, no matter how poor and insignificant.

...If you have not already "set out" your Christmas tree in the back parlor and decorated the branches with the ingenious toy and tempting parcel, you have no time to waste. Gladden the hearts of the little ones, and their smile and good cheer will amply compensate you for the small outlay.

The Evening Gazette
Port Jervis, New York
Saturday, December 23, 1876