Friday, July 13, 2012

1894 - Disaster to a Circus Wagon


Rondout, N. Y., July 14. - A circus, which showed in this city to-night, met with a serious accident while coming here from Rosendale this morning. The heavy wagon in which the big canvas tent was drawn by four horses started from Rosendale about 4 o'clock, but came to a sudden stop near Whiteport, and is there yet.

While going down a steep hill the leadres of the four-in-hand became frightened and ran away, taking the other animals in a mad race down the hill. The wagon was badly broken, and when it struck a gully the driver, HARRY CARTWRIGHT, was thrown heavily to the ground, receiving serious injuries. His back was badly hurt, and his head had several ugly gashes cut in it. He was left at a saloon near by. The two leading horses fell at the foot of the hill and were both badly cut up. Three other wagons broke down during the journey.

The New York Times, New York
July 15, 1894