Saturday, March 15, 2014

1901 - C. H. CHICKERING'S WIDOWS - Four Women Claim the Estate of a Plainfield (Conn.) Man.

Special to the New York Times.
NEW HAVEN, Dec. 31. - The question as to how many widows C. H. Chickering, the former proprietor of the Plainfield (Conn.) Hotel leaves is one that is likely to keep the courts busy for some time to come. Chickering was found dead in Albion yesterday, and there are thus far four claimants for his estate from women who show certificates of their marriage to him.

Chickering appeared in Plainfield last Summer and bought the hotel, and, on account of his address an popularity, soon became a leading light in the village. There was a woman with him who he said was his housekeeper. He disappeared on election day just as the Sheriff arrived to attach his person.

His housekeeper claimed to be his wife, and three days later a woman from Springfield, Mass., arrived with the same claim. It was then stated that Chickering was engaged to marry the daughter of a well-known farmer in the district.

Since then two other women have appeared in search of their missing spouse, and there was a general reunion to-day over the body in Albion.

Chickering was killed by a freight train while walking on the railroad track.

The New York Times
New York, New York
January 1, 1901