Wednesday, March 12, 2014

1945 - Maker of Bomb Very Depressed

Southbridge, Mass. August 17 (UP) - A scientist who helped develop the atomic bomb said today, with permission of the War Department, that he became so depressed over the possibilities of the projectile, that he hoped its eventual use "would fail".

Dr. E. D. Tillyer and Dr. Alexis G. Pincus, research scientists at the American Optical Company, disclosed today that they kept their work secret even from their wives for the past two and a half years.

"Every few months", Dr. Tillyer said, "I would be overcome by depression. My wife couldn't imagine what was wrong but as a realization of what the atomic bomb would mean became clearer with time, I would become depressed and wish that nobody had ever thought of it and that efforts to develop it would fail.""

The Citizen Advertiser
Auburn, New York
Friday, August 17, 1945