Monday, May 12, 2014

1878 - A Little Traveler

The passengers by the through Intercolonial train from St. John, N. B. to Montreal, which arrived at Bonaventure Station this morning, was very much interested in a little girl about seven years of age, who was traveling alone, friends having placed her aboard the train at St. John on Tuesday night, and left her to the tender mercies of passengers. She was very neatly dressed, and had a white pasteboard card tightly sewed to the left shoulder of her jacket, upon which was written in a neat, lady-like hand, the following: "Nellie Carr - Please forward to Detroit thence to Lawton by Michigan Central Railway." Carefully pinned in her pocket she carried an envelope inclosing a half-fare ticket "St. John to Detroit." A basket (nearly as large as herself) containing an ample supply of cookies, doughnuts, buns, etc., and a "little dollie" which she very tenderly nursed, completed her outfit. She told your correspondent quite confidentially that she had money enough in the toe of her boot to pay her fare from Detroit to Lawton. She added, however, that her auntie had very strictly cautioned her against telling anyone that she had any money, as there were a lot of bad men traveling who would take it away from her. Her father is to meet her at Lawton, where she will arrive (if she makes her numerous connections all right) next Friday night. All who saw here on the car wished "little Nellie" a comfortable trip, and a safe and speedy arrival at the end of her long and tedious trip of 1,700 miles, and trusted she would continue to the end of her journey to be the "pet" of the train and the "special charge" of its passengers, as she has thus far. - Montreal (Can.) Witness.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan
September 21, 1878