Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1860 - Hanging of Horse Thieves in Arkansas

FORT SMITH, Ark., Oct. 4.
This afternoon a man named Martin H. Gilliam, alias Wm. Owen, formerly of Johnstown, Bates county, Missouri, was hung for horse stealing in the presence of a large concourse of citizens. - He was arrested some weeks since, and an effort made to hang him, during which he broke away from the rope, and was shot down while in the act of escaping. He escaped from jail, last night, and to facilitate his flight, stole another horse but was retaken this morning at Van Buren and returned to this place.

Shortly after his execution, another prisoner was brought into town, charged with the same offense. He was examined on the street, confessed the crime, and was soon swung up alongside of his brother in crime. The second victim was a Choctaw half-breed, named Shoat. The citizens have become greatly incensed against horse thieves, as their offenses of late have been bold and numerous.

The Tiffin Tribune
Tiffin, Ohio