Tuesday, June 24, 2014

1913 - CHILD RISES FROM COFFIN. Shock of Temporary Resuscitation Kills Aged Grandmother.

Butte, Ca.,  April 25. - While members of the family and relatives were grouped about the open coffin of Mrs. J. R. Burney's 3-year-old son yesterday listening to the funeral service, the body moved and presently the child, clad in its shroud, sat up and gazed about the room. His eyes caught those of his grandmother, Mrs. L. P. Smith, 81 years old. The aged woman stared at the child as if hypnotized. Then she sank into a chair dead.

As she fell the child dropped back into its coffin, from which it was quickly snatched by the mother.

A physician said there was no hope for the little boy, and death came a few hours later.

Today there were two coffins in the Burney home. Double services were held, and the child and its grandmother were buried side by side.

The Washington Post
Washington, District of Columbia