Monday, July 28, 2014


A New Hope, Bucks county, dispatch says: The discovery that a German carp drinks milk, has averted what threatened to be wholesale suits for theft. Michael Tiernan for several months, or ever since the weather grew warm, has noticed that his blooded cows return from their luxuriant pastures with full stomachs and empty udders. There was a suspicion that the cows had been milked by families who reside in the neighborhood. This thing continued, and Mr. Tiernan's dairy product reached zero. He watched his cows, but could not discover the milk robbers.

Last Wednesday ha had a startling revelation. He was standing by the mill race which run through his far, and saw his favorite cow enjoying herself in the water which touched her body. After a prolonged bath, the bovine emerged from the stream. Clinging to the animal's udder was a carp that weighed about 15 pounds. It had drunk every ounce of the cow's milk. Mr. Tiernan says that the cows have regularly gone to the mill race to keep cool, and the fish have as diligently extracted their milk.

The Allentown Democrat
Allentown, Pennsylvania
June 28, 1893