Monday, July 28, 2014


Lysander Morse and Phoebe Macomber, of Decatur, Michigan, were married sixty-five years ago. It was a love match that won the envy of all their neighbors by its promise of happiness. The couple lived together for only a year, when, in a violent quarrel over some trivial incident, they separated and were finally divorce. Morse promptly married again from a spirit of pique, and his erstwhile bride was not far behind him in resuming the wedded state. Neither found any peace or happiness, and it soon seemed to be a race between them as to who could make the most unfortunate alliance. Morse succeeded in contracting four marriages, but his rival won the hearts of six different men, whose names she bore in turn. These facts did not come out until they met for the first time since their separation recently in Allegan county, in the same State. As they rehearsed their various experiences it appeared that each was single again, and they decided to try a second marriage. A few days after this marriage they disagreed, and came to blows, which produced a final separation.

The Allentown Democrat
Allentown, Pennsylvania
June 28, 1893