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Greenerpasture Daily News - August 2

Salinas, California, USA

SALINAS CITY, AUGUST 2d.--At two o'clock this morning the watchman discovered the Empire Mill in Flames. The fire had made such headway that it has impossible for the fire department to save anything. It was undoubtedly the act of an incendiary, who did his work well, as one of the proprietors, who with his family lives a house just outside of the mill yard, was not aroused till the bell rang the ... Read MORE...

San Francisco Bulletin -  San Francisco, California -  August 2, 1883

Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA (Valley Falls) (Ashton) (Cumberland Hill)

WEST WRENTHAM, Mass., Aug. 1 . - The village of Diamond Hill in Cumberland, just over the line in Rhode Island, is terrorized by a gang of laborers employed on the Pawtucket Water Reservoir building at that place. Citizens do not dare to go out after dark without being armed. Men have been knocked down and robbed, buildings broken into, and other barbarous acts committed. The place is without... Read MORE...

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle -  Brooklyn, New York -  August 2, 1885

Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA

1890 - Tornado
A Number of Lives Lost, Many Persons Killed and Injured and Hundreds of Houses Razed to the Ground - The Victims.

LAWRENCE, Mass., July 27. - A cyclone, equaling in destructive power those so frequently reported from Western communities visited the suburbs of South Lawrence at about fifteen minutes past two o'clock yesterday forenoon, and in fifteen minutes had killed six people; seriously... Read MORE...

The Rolla New Era -  Missouri -  August 2, 1890

Casper, Wyoming, USA

1891 - FOUR LIVES LOST AT CASPER. A Swollen Creek Washes Away the Camps of Pleasure Seekers.
CASPER, Wyoming, Aug 1 - Four, and possibly more lives were lost by a cloudburst on Casper Mountain, at the head of Garden Creek, last night.

The creek is about seven miles long from mouth to source, and is lined with camps. Near the head of the creek is a Summer resort, frequented by local picnic parties. The first thing the flood reached was the pleasure resort at the head of Garden Creek.... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  August 2, 1891

Conway, Massachusetts, USA

1894 - August 2 - TWENTY-SIX FIRES. Much Property Belonging to One Family Burned - Charges.
Conway, Mass., August 2. - Mrs. Susan J. Taylor, of Walpole, is under arrest, charged with attempted incendiarism. The insurance companies allege that there have been within a few years, no less than twenty-six fires in property owned by the family of which Mrs. Taylor is a member.

A little more than a year ago George and Brice McDowell, brothers of Mrs. Taylor, came here and bought a grist... Read MORE...

The Indianapolis News -  Indianapolis, Indiana -  August 2, 1894

Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA

1900 - Gas Plant Burns. Gas and Electric Light Plants Destroyed Early Monday Morning.
At 2:30 Monday morning the round building covering the gas holder at the gas and electric light works was discovered to be in flames. The building was a frame structure and was a mere shell to protect the big inverted tank from the elements, and it took but a short time for the building to be enveloped in fire in all its parts. The fire appears to have caught on the south side of the structure,... Read MORE...

Aberdeen Weekly News -  Aberdeen, South Dakota -  August 2, 1900

Bristol, Pennsylvania, USA

1900  A Gasoline Explosion.

A gasoline stove exploded in the house of William Strobele, on Otter street, Tuesday noon and set fire to the kitchen room. Councilmen Headley and Rothengerger, who were near, extinguished the flames before any material damage was done.

The Bucks County Gazette -  Bristol, Pennsylvania -  August 2, 1900

Lenox, Massachusetts, USA

1910  George Westinghouse

New York, Aug. 1 - Almost on the eve of the annual election of officers of the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing company Wall street was surprised to get word of a fresh attack on the present management by President George Westinghouse, who is now at his country place at Lenox, Massachusetts...

The San Bernadino County Sun -  San Bernadino, California -  August 2, 1910

1943 - Penicillin first used successfully to treat a patient

Changes Method Of War On Germs; Pales "Glory" Of Sulfa

By Howard W. Blakeslee
NEW YORK, Aug. 2. - (AP) - A new era in medicine, the conquest of germs by interfering with their eating and digestion, is sweeping through the military hospital of America and England.

The sulfa drugs started it, but the realization is coming through a newer and more... Read MORE...

The Bee -  Danville, Virginia -  August 2, 1943

1858  August 2 - 1st mailboxes installed in Boston & NYC streets

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