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Greenerpasture Daily News - August 31

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA (Greendale) (Quinsigamond Village) (Tatnuck) (Vernon Hill)

1838  Fire at Worcester.

A fire broke out in the vicinity of School street, in Worcester, about 1 o'clock on Wednesday morning, which destroyed a large block of dwellings, brick machine factory, belonging to T. W. Paine, Esq. and the extensive stable of Messrs. Burt and Billings. All but the stables were insured. We have not learned further particulars. The estimate loss is $30,000.

The Farmers' Cabinet -  Amherst, New Hampshire -  August 31, 1838

Sutton, Massachusetts, USA

1865  Thank You to Soldiers

A noble woman, by the name of Susan Williams, South Sutton, Massachusetts, gives to every soldier who enlisted from that town, on his return, the sum of five dollars, and the same amount to the families of those who have fallen in defense of their country.

Janesville Weekly Gazette -  Janesville, Wisconsin -  August 31, 1865

Louisville, Kentucky, USA

The Floors of a Grain Warehouse Fall Through to the Cellar - Three Men Killed.

Louisville - August 30, 1871
About ten o'clock this morning the fourth floor of Whitney, Brown & Co.'s grain warehouse gave way under the heavy weight, and the large quantity of grain crashed through the floors into the cellar, killing three men, one white and two colored. Two prominent Main street merchants had... Read MORE...

New York Herald -  New York, New York -  August 31, 1871

North Adams, Massachusetts, USA

1871 - Should have said Yes?
An aged woman in North Adams, Massachusetts, relates that many years ago, while attending a social dance, a young mechanic asked for her hand for one of the dances. She indignantly refused, feeling very much mortified that he should make such an offer. Years have passed, and she has filled an honorable but humble position in life, while the young man whom she then scorned has been Governor of... Read MORE...

Tri-Weekly Era -  Raleigh, North Carolina -  August 31, 1871

Chambly, Qu├ębec, Canada (St-Joseph-de-Chambly)

1889  Explosion

An explosion occurred yesterday in the packing room of the Beloeil Powder Works at Chambly, Quebec, killing two men, named Joseph Favreault and Samuel Bettie.

New York Herald -  New York, New York -  August 31, 1889

1893 - July 1 – U.S. President Grover Cleveland is operated on in secret.
The published stories concerning the health of President Cleveland seem to lack some of the essential element of consistency, and they will not excite general credence until stronger confirmatory testimony has been furnished. The American people are just now deeply concerned in the preservation of Mr. Cleveland and the full vigor of physical and mental health, and the subject is one the country... Read MORE...

Reading Times -  Reading, Pennsylvania -  August 31, 1893

Savannah, Georgia, USA

1893 - MANY MISSING. Only Fifteen Persons Known to Have Been Killed at Savannah.
SAVANNAH, Ga., Aug 31 - The storm injured many buildings in Savannah and did great damage to the trees. Fifteen people are known to have been drowned and more are missing It is impossible to estimate the amount of property destroyed. More than 49 wrecks have been reported so far Fifteen vessels in the harbor and off Tybee were wrecked or badly damaged More than that number of smaller crafts are... Read MORE...

Aberdeen Daily News -  Aberdeen, South Dakota -  August 31, 1893

North Adams, Massachusetts, USA

1898  MILK DEALER KILLED. Charles Davis Thrown From His Wagon and His Skull Fractured.

North Adams, Mass., Aug. 30 - Charles Davis, aged 41, a milk dealer, was thrown from his wagon, when his horse ran away today, and died three hours later from a fractured skull. He leaves a widow and three children.

Boston Journal -  Boston, Massachusetts -  August 31, 1898

Port Jervis, New York, USA

Port Jervis, N.Y., Aug. 30. - A fire started from spontaneous combustion in the hayloft of Liveryman W. J. COLLIER, on Railroad Avenue, about 3 o'clock this morning, and before the flames were subdued they had reduced three-quarters of a block to ashes and entailed an estimated loss of $75,000, covered by $20,000 insurance.
Twenty-two horses were in the barn under the hayloft, and seventeen... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  August 31, 1902

Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA


While his machine, a massive steam shear, was momentarily idle, Nogene Mire fell asleep and was awakened by the knives clipping off three of the fingers on his left hand. The accident happened at the Rolling mills last night and Dr. VanBuskirk was called to attend the sufferer.

The Fort Wayne Sentinel -  Fort Wayne, Indiana -  August 31, 1907

Auburn, New York, USA

1910 - BEST REUNION YET - Ranks of 111th Are Thinning but Old Spirit Is There
Hospitality of MacDougall Home to Be Extended to Survivors Next Year

The survivors of the One Hundred and Eleventh N.Y.V. who attended the reunion of the regiment yesterday have nearly all departed for their homes. Before leaving they expressed themselves as delighted with the success of the gathering and with the cordiality of General and Mrs. MacDougall in inviting... Read MORE...

The Auburn Citizen -  Auburn, New York -  Wednesday, August 31, 1910

Sullivan, New York, USA (Chittenango)

1912 - TWO ARE HURT, ONE FATALLY, IN AUTO ACCIDENT. Charles B. Hormel and Mrs. Frank Tracy Thrown From Car Near Chittenango.

Machine Strikes a Post at Side of Road While Descending Hill at High Speed - Driver Is Crushed Against Steering Wheel - Both Victims Prominent Socially.

The turns in the State road east of Chittenango which have always been a peril to motorists driving at high speed, caused the wreck of Charles B. Hormel's car a little after 10 o'clock last night, and the death of... Read MORE...

Syracuse Herald -  Syracuse, New York -  August 31, 1912

1864  Seven deaths from diptheria occurred in 16 days in one house, occupied by two families, in the town of Shaftsbury, Vermont.
Lowell Daily Citizen and News
Lowell, Massachusetts

1886  August 31 - 1st major earthquake recorded in eastern US, at Charleston SC, 110 die
An earthquake of between 7.3 and 7.6 on the Richter scale hits Charleston, South Carolina, leaving 40,000 homeless.

1888  A Butte, Cal., man who began farming on rented land ten years ago has this year $61,000 worth of wheat to sell.

Semi-Weekly Interior Journal
Stanford, Kentucky

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