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Greenerpasture Daily News - 1910 - Germany Enjoys a "Fat" Christmas

1849 - The safety pin is invented (Walter Hunt, United States)
Interesting Story of Its Inventor, Walter Hunt.

Buffalo Commercial.
John R. Chapin, now of Buffalo, gives some interesting reminiscences of Walter Hunt, who, in the opinion of may, including Mr. Chapin, was the real inventor of the sewing machine. "Let me close," he says "with an anecdote of his talent in the line of invention. He came inot my office on Nassau street one day... Read MORE...

The Saint Paul Globe -  Saint Paul, Minnesota -  December 25, 1895

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

On Friday afternoon week, the locomotive Wisconsin life Richmond for Pottsville, with a train of empty coal cars. When the train was approaching the Manayunk tunnel the boiler of the locomotive exploded, blowing out the end over the firebox, and rendering the engine a complete wreck. GEORGE LONG, formerly an engineer on the road, but recently living in Baltimore, where he leaves a family, was on... Read MORE...

The Republican Compiler -  Pennsylvania -  December 25, 1854

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

1874  3 Votes Not Enough

An enterprising voter of Cleveland, Ohio, voted three times for a sheriff of Cuyahoga county in the late election. Of course, a candidate so ably voted fro was elected, and the voter, having been convicted of voting, was sent to the penitentiary for three years. One good turn deserves another, and the sheriff for whom the voter voted saw him safely to the prison.
New Orleans Times -  New Orleans, Louisiana -  December 25, 1874

1910 - Germany Enjoys a "Fat" Christmas
Year of Immense Prosperity Ending, and People are Spending Lavishly.


April-Like Drizzle in Berlin and Hardly a Flake of Snow in All the Empire - Bad for Hotels.
Special Cable to THE NEW YORK TIMES.
BERLIN, Dec. 24. - Germany is celebrating a "fat" Christmas. The Fatherland has rounded out another year of very great prosperity, and the Yuletide is characterized by... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  December 25, 1910

Lexington, Kentucky, USA

1917 - Auto Damaged in Collision
An automobile driven by George Calvin, of this city, collided with a horse and buggy driven by James Ecton, colored, at the corner of Main and Washington streets Sunday. The machine was considerably damaged by the impact. The windshield was broken and glass was scattered over Mr. Calvin, who suffered several slight cuts on the face. The other The other occupants of the car, his wife and three... Read MORE...

The Lexington Herald -  Lexington, Kentucky -  December 25, 1917

1869  Lead
Lead of the best quality has been found near York, Pa.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

1896  December 25 - John Philip Sousa composes his magnum opus, the Stars and Stripes Forever.

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