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1887 - MCARTHY’S FATAL NAP. While Intoxicated He Falls Asleep on the Railroad at Derby and is Run Over.

Canandaigua, New York, USA

From the Albany Journal, June 15.

The second steamboat express train from the West, due here at 9:20 last evening, met with a serious accident about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon at Canandaigua by the spreading of the track. The train was run off, and the result was a frightful destruction of cars.

There was a large number of passengers on the train, who were thrown together promiscuously,... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  June 16, 1867

Nestle Food
New York, NY

Found at Old Drugstore, St Augustine, Florida
Manhattan, New York, USA (New York City) (New Amsterdam)

Yesterday afternoon at 5:30 o'clock, as EDWARD KENNY, a porter in the employ of Messrs. Purdy & Co., dealers in fireworks, at No. 34 Maiden Lane, was engaged in nailing the lid of a case containing a large quantity of "Union" torpedoes, he inadvertently drove a nail through one of the packages and a terrific explosion ensued, when KENNY was thrown several feet off, and sustained several... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  June 16, 1867

Shelton, Connecticut, USA (Huntington)

1887 - MCARTHY’S FATAL NAP. While Intoxicated He Falls Asleep on the Railroad at Derby and is Run Over.
John McCarthy a moulder employed at DeForest’s iron works at Shelton, while asleep on the track of the Naugatuck railroad at Derby last night was struck by the south bound train which passes that point about 11 o’clock. He was so terribly bruised that it is though impossible for him to live the day out. He had been drinking liquor freely during the night and while in an intoxicated condition... Read MORE...

New Haven Register -  New Haven, Connecticut -  June 16, 1887

1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Rice Waffles - Beat together a pint of milk, the yolks of three eggs, two ounces of butter and half a teacup of thoroughly boiled rice, sprinkle a little salt and a half teaspoonful of soda into a pint of flour, and then sift it in. Beat thoroughly and bake in waffle irons.

The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn., January 5, 1881

Highest Price For Eggs
Mann's New Bone Cutter
F. W. Mann Company, Milford, Mass.

The Ladies' Home Journal
November 1898
Sainte-Rose, Laval, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Rose-de-Lima)

Montreal, June 16. - The village of St. Rose, a fashionable summer resort, was entirely annihilated yesterday by a cyclone, the debris being deposited in the fields around about.

JULIA JOLY, aged 6.
were killed and about twenty severely - four fatally - injured. At Templeton ex-Mayor McELROY was killed. Many towns in the vicinity were badly ... Read MORE...

Davenport Daily Leader -  Davenport, Iowa -  June 16, 1892

Amesbury, Massachusetts, USA

Diver Hurley was in Amesbury, Mass., on Wednesday, the 15th, inst., called there by the authorities to try and recover the body of a man named Hughes, who was drowned there on Friday last.

The man met his death while bathing in what is called the dam. Diver Hurley went down and thoroughly examined the bottom of the place, but failed to find the body. It is though that he must have gone through ... Read MORE...

Portsmouth Herald -  Portsmouth, New Hampshire -  June 16, 1898

Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA

1899  Lightning Strikes Steeple

Ipswich, Mass., June 16. - During a heavy storm last night lightning struck the steeple on the South Congregational church and soon the entire building was in flames. The firemen saved the main structure. Lightning also struck Caldwell's block and did some damage. The play of electricity was so general that many people were prostrated, but no serious cases have been reported.

The North Adams Transcript -  North Adams, Massachusetts -  June 16, 1899

1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

Avoid affectation; it is the sure test of a deceitful, vulgar mind. The best cure is to try to have those virtues which you would affect, and then they will appear naturally.

The Ladies" Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
Oneida, New York, USA

1901 - Bicycle Accident.
ONEIDA, June 15. - Miss Bertha Smith, a daughter of Mrs. Perry Smith of Oneida Castle, was seriously injured in a bicycle accident last night. Miss Smith is employed at Kenwood. She was coming home on her wheel, which in some manner became unmanageable and threw her to the ground. She struck against a tree and as she lay on the path was run over by another girl rider following. For about three... Read MORE...

Post Standard -  Syracuse, New York -  June 16, 1901

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA

1919 - 19 DROWN IN BOAT WRECK. Twelve Others Missing as Result of Accident in Alabama River. Weekly Boat Ride to Children of City Has Terrible Ending.
TUSCALOOSA, Ala., June 15. - Nineteen persons most of them children, are known to have been drowned, while rescue parties, aided by powerful searchlights tonight were dragging the Warrior river near Tuscaloosa for the bodies of 12 others missing from a pleasure party of 53 who were cast into the water late today when a gasoline launch was overturned in midstream near here.

The boat, the Mary...

San Jose Mercury Herald -  San Jose, California -  June 16, 1919

Washington, DC, USA

1941  June 16 - National Airport opens in Washington, DC.

The airlines draw straws to determine who would land at National Airport first and American Airlines wins the honor. The airplane is piloted by Bennett H. Griffin, who becomes the manager of National Airport in 1947.
June 16, 1941

1882 Sold after her death?
Friday, June 16, 1882 Land in East Aurora, Charlotte M. Smith to C. I. Hamlin.

Buffalo Express
Buffalo, New York

1888  About five thousand immigrants arrived in New York on the 9th, about one-half the number coming from Ireland.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

1888  On the 12th Frank Donovan, aged ten years, was shot and killed at Oswego, N. Y. by Lewis Clark, aged thirteen years, while playing with a gun.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

1903  June 16 - Ford Motor Company is incorporated in Detroit, Michigan

1944  June 16 - A tornado in Sioux City, IA, traveled an odd course. It spun in one place for about twenty minutes, made a U-turn, traveled southeast for about three miles, then traveled south, east, north, and finally east again.

The Weather Channel

1949  June 16 - Gas turbine-electric locomotive demonstrated, Erie Pa

America - Did you know? 1822: Denmark Vesey, an enslaved African American carpenter who had purchased his freedom, plans a slave revolt with the intent to lay siege on Charleston, South Carolina. The plot is discovered, and Vesey and 34 coconspirators are hanged.

Quebec - Did you know? Black cats have always had a rather suspicious reputation as associates of sorceresses and witches, but it is singular that among [French Canadian] peasants they are regarded as protecting goblins, and that no one would think of parting with them, chasing them away, or ill-treating them in any manner. Lucky is the man whose house, or barn, or stable, has been chosen as a home by a large family of black cats.

The Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 5, No. 19, Oct. - Dec., 1892, Lutins in the Province of Quebec

Swan's Down Prepared Cake Flour
Makes Delicious Angel Food and Other Cakes
Costs only 2 cents a cake

Igleheart Bros.
Dapartment C.
Evansville, Ind.

The Ladies' Home Journal
June 1898
Died June 16