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1871 - Circus Riot

Turnpike Dairy bottle cap
Weston, Connecticut, USA

1827 - Lightning.
The meeting house in Weston was struck with Lightning on the afternoon of the 15th inst. The fluid left the conductor about midway from the top to the ground, and did considerable damage to the interior of the house. The manner in which the conductor was constructed; probably owing to its not extending sufficiently deep in the earth and not communicating with water or some other conducting... Read MORE...

Connecticut Courant -  Hartford, Connecticut -  September 25, 1827

Pawling, New York, USA

1871 - Circus Riot
The hitherto quiet village of Pawling, New York, has been the recipient of an excitement that had more pain than pleasure. A circus company that was appropriately named O'Brien's menagerie visited the village and announced a performance. Somehow, contrary to all precedent, the amusement did not take. A beggarly account of empty benches rewarded the performer's exertions. Irritated by this neglect ... Read MORE...

Galveston Tri-Weekly News -  Galveston, Texas -  September 25, 1871

Derby, Connecticut, USA

1882 - HIGH WATER AT DERBY. The Scene at the Ousatonic Dam - Freshets of Past Years.
BIRMINGHAM, Sept. 25.- The steady down pour of rain during Saturday, both day and night, caused the Ousatonic and Naugatuck rivers to rise to the height of 11 feet 6 ½ inches above low water mark making the third freshet at this season in twenty-five years, the other two having occurred October 4th, 1869, when the water was at the height of 16 feet, and August 19th, 1875, the water rising 11 feet ... Read MORE...

The New Haven Evening Register -  New Haven, Connecticut -  September 25, 1882

1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Lemon Cream Pie - One teacup of pulverized sugar, one tablespoonful butter, one egg, one lemon (remove the seeds), one teacup of boiling water, one tablespoonful of corn starch dissolved in cold water; stir the corn starch into the water.

The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn., March 3, 1880
Greenfield, New York, USA

1890  Lamp Catches Woman on Fire

Mrs Elihua Wing, wife of a wealthy farmer of Greenfield, N. Y., and mother of Daniel E. Wing, a prominent Saratoga lawyer, was burned to death, on the 20th, by her clothing catching fire from a lamp.

Muskogee Phoenix -  Muskogee, Oklahoma -  September 25, 1890

Smith Bros. Cough Drops

"William Wallace Smith I (1830–1913) and Andrew Smith (1836–1895) were the sons of James Smith (c1800-1866) of Poughkeepsie, New York. James' family had emigrated from Fife, Scotland, to Canada in 1831, and James from St. Armand, Quebec, to the U.S. in 1847.

In New York, James opened an ice cream shop called "James Smith and Son." James Smith bought a cough drop recipe from a journeyman peddler named Sly Hawkins and in 1852 made his first batch of "Smith Brothers Cough Drops"." wikipedia

Found at Old Drugstore, St Augustine, Florida
Arcadia, California, USA

1892 - A SPLENDID RESIDENCE BURNED. J. W. McClelland's House at Arcadia Laid in Ashes.
Mrs. McClelland Narrowly Escaped Perishing in the Flames.

One of Her Rescuers Badly Burned - A Gasoline Stove Was the Cause of the Fire - Loss $6000. Partly Insured.

By the Associated Press.
ARCADIA, Cal., Sept. 24. - The fine two story frame building of J. W. McClelland, of this place, was burned to the ground about 2 o'clock this afternoon. It was valued at about $6000; partially... Read MORE...

Los Angeles Herald -  Los Angeles, California -  September 25, 1892

Missoula County, Montana, USA (Missoula)

Missoula, Sept. 24. - (AP) - Crumbling, smoking walls and blackened piles of brick are all that remain of the Florence hotel block as weary firemen struggle to speed mopup work on the blaze which early this morning destroyed the block with loss estimated ranging as high as $400,000.

The building, in the heart of the business district, housed Missoula's biggest hostelry and a half score of... Read MORE...

The Helena Independent -  Helena, Montana -  September 25, 1936

Los Angeles, California, USA

1939  September 25 - A west coast hurricane moved onshore south of Los Angeles bringing unprecedented rains along the southern coast of California.

Nearly five and a half inches of rain drenched Los Angeles during a 24 hour period. The hurricane caused two million dollars damage, mostly to structures along the coast and to crops, and claimed 45 lives at sea. "El Cordonazo" produced 5.66 inches of rain at Los Angeles and 11.6 inches of rain at Mount Wilson, both records for the month of September.

September 25, 1939

1780  September 25 - Benedict Arnold's plans to cede West Point to the British discovered.


1879  September 25 – Fire in Deadwood, South Dakota: Two thousand people left homeless; three hundred buildings destroyed. Total loss of property is estimated at $3 million.


America - Did you know? In 1607, Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America, was established by the London Company in southeast Virginia.


Quebec - Did you know? A common belief in old Quebec was that lutins [spirits] had the power to do many things for people. They could procure good weather for the crops. They could watch over favorite animals. They could intercede for the recovery of a sick member of the household. Some have even been known to, "during the night, shave the face of his master and black his boots for Sunday morning"

The Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 5, No. 19, Oct. - Dec., 1892, Lutins in the Province of Quebec

1918 advertisement

Bridgeport Horse Auction

The Bridgeport Telegram
Bridgeport, Connecticut
June 27, 1918
Died September 25


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