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1888 - NO END OF FUN. How the Norwich, Conn., Boys Celebrate Thanksgiving

New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

1866  A New Sect.

We see by our Eastern exchanges that a new religious sect has sprung up in New Bedford, Massachusetts. One of its most admirable peculiarities is the rule that when brethren and sisters meet, they salute each other with a kiss. We predict that sect will rapidly increase in numbers.

White Cloud Kansas Chief -  White Cloud, Kansas -  November 29, 1866

C. H. Foote,
Jobber and Wholesale Dealer in
Groceries and Provisions,
35 Bridge Street
Plattsburgh, N.Y.
Norwich, Connecticut, USA

1888 - NO END OF FUN. How the Norwich, Conn., Boys Celebrate Thanksgiving.
They Go About the Town Gathering Barrels, and Then After the Turkey is Eaten What a Thanksgiving Bonfire They Have.

ROAST turkey and fixin's!


Take a run around New England and ask all the boys you meet what they think of it. Whisper Thanksgiving in their ear and hear them howl. When you come to Norwich - that quaint Connecticut town - what will the boys tell you there!

"Roast...

Painesville Telegraph -  Painesville, Ohio -  November 29, 1888

Fresno, California, USA

1915 - INCENDIARY FIRE IN FRESNO - Blaze Threatens Business District. Man Confesses to Starting Fire.
FRESNO. Nov. 29. - After fire wrought $30,000 damage in Frank Hickman's store and threatened to spread ruin throughout the business section early today. Arson charges were filed this afternoon against Hickman and his head salesman W. H. Jenks.

Jenks, it is claimed, confessed he made preparations for firing the store with Hickman's knowledge and approval.

Jenks was thrown into jail but...

Riverside Daily Press -  Riverside, California -  November 29, 1915

New Milford, New Jersey, USA

New Milford, N.J., Nov. 29 - A fire engine, speeding to a brush fire which later burned itself out and an Interstate bus collided in the center of this community yesterday, killing two volunteer firemen and injuring several other persons including two women bus passengers.
The crew of the fire truck was scattered over the pavement in the collision, while the bus carried through a store window... Read MORE...

Gettysburg Times -  Gettysburg, Pennsylvania -  November 29, 1943

1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

German Puffs - One pint of milk, four eggs; five spoonful of flour; bake in cups fifteen or twenty minutes. Beat butter and sugar till they are light, and you will have a nice sauce for the puffs.

The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn., March 3, 1880
Michigan City, Indiana, USA

Michigan City, Ind. (AP) -An explosion killed two more railroad men Wednesday as they began clearing the burning wreckage at a crossing where two trainmen and a gasoline truck driver had died.

Seven other train wreck crewmen were hurt, one of them critically, but the two crewmen whose acetylene torch was blamed for the blast escaped unhurt. State police said the torch burned into a diesel fuel ... Read MORE...

Logansport Press -  Logansport, Indiana -  November 29, 1956

1884  In Switzerland, you can send almost anything through the mails. Trunk, gripsack, hat-box, bag of potatoes - it is all one to the postal authorities, as long as you pay the postage.
And it is a very rare thing for anything to be tampered with or miscarry.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

America - Did you know? Cherry Pit Spitting - Michigan - 2018 will be the 45th year of the International Cherry Pit Spitting Championship, held at the Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm in Michigan. It"s simple – eat the cherry and spit the pip as far as you can. Contestants aren"t allowed to "pop" their cheeks with their hands, and no foreign objects or props are allowed. The record is an impressive 93.5 feet (28.5m); apparently, it is all about curling the tongue.

Quebec - Did you know? In New France, socially, the seigneur and his family did not stand apart from his neighbors. All went to the same church, took part in the same amusements upon days of festival, and not infrequently worked together at the common task of clearing the lands. Sons and daughters of the seigneurs often intermarried with those of habitants in the seigneury or of traders in the towns. There was no social "impasse" such as existed in France among the various elements in a community.

Daily Life in New France ( french/ daily_life_in_new_france.htm)

"Cuticura soap, manufactured by the Potter Drug and Chemical company, is an antibacterial medicated soap in use since 1865. Noted Boston philanthropist George Robert White (1847-1922) was once the president and owner of Potter Drug and Chemical. Cuticura contains triclocarban instead of the more usual triclosan. These two antibacterial agents have very similar molecularity. By themselves they kill 99.99% of bacteria and microbes (like fungus spores) on contact. Cuticura soap has been in use, and is relatively unchanged, since 1865." wikipedia

Found at Old Drugstore, St Augustine, Florida
Died November 29