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1876 - March 7 – Alexander Graham Bell is granted a United States patent for an invention he calls the telephone (patent #174,466).

"Dueber Grand" Ladies' and Gentlemen's Riding Wheel
The Only Strictly High-Grade Bicycle Made in America
Price, $55.00 Net Cash

The Dueber Watch Works
Canton, Ohio, U.S.A.

The Ladies' Home Journal
February 1898
Pownal, Vermont, USA

1864  Train Accident

James Claney, 36 years of age, for three years a soldier, but recently a resident of Pownal, and track-master on the Troy and Boston railroad, was run over and instantly killed by an evening train, week before last, near North Pownal.

The Vermont Phoenix -  Brattleboro, Vermont -  December 2, 1864

North Providence, Rhode Island, USA

1871  Mill Fire

The Grey-stone mills in North Providence, Rhode Island, owned by R. W. Cady, and run by Zebulon Whipple, was burned yesterday morning. The insurance was thirty thousand dollars on the mill and machinery, and five thousand on the stock. The loss not ascertained.

Memphis Daily Appeal -  Memphis, Tennessee -  December 2, 1871

Barnstable, Massachusetts, USA

1871  A young man found a skunk in his cellar at Barnstable, Mass.,

and carefully let down a piece of meat covered with arsenic to the floor, as he thought. It was afterwards found that the bait had been lowered into the pork barrel.

St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  December 2, 1871

1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Potato Chips - Peel a raw potato as apples are peeled, let the parings be as near as possible the same thickness, and let them be as long as possible; dry them thoroughly in a cloth, put them in the frying-basket and plunge it in boiling hot lard; when the chips are a golden color drain them well in front of the fire, sprinkle fine salt over them and serve with roast game.

The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn., May 11, 1881
1876 - March 7 – Alexander Graham Bell is granted a United States patent for an invention he calls the telephone (patent #174,466).
Professor Bell tried his telephone on the telegraph line between Boston and Salem the other day, he remaining in Boston. Conversation was carried on with the operator at Salem without the slightest difficulty, even the voices of the speakers being easily recognized. Whispering was found to be perfectly audible, but was unintelligible. After a time, instead of grounding the wire at Salem, it was... Read MORE...

Democrat and Chronicle -  Rochester, New York -  December 2, 1876

Who has the Oldest Sewing Machine?
A new "Singer" given in exchange for it

The Singer Manufacturing Co.
New York City

Ladies' Home Journal
February 1898
New Canaan, Connecticut, USA

1892 - An Opera House Burned.
NORWALK, Conn., Dec. 1. - Fire was discovered in the Nicholas Opera House at New Canaan this afternoon, and before the local Fire Department, which consists of hand and a bucket brigade, could control the flames the building was damaged to the extent of several thousand dollars. The building is also used as a Town Hall and offices, and it is feared that the records have been damaged.

Rankin &...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  December 2, 1892

1816  December 2 - 1st savings bank in US opens (Philadelphia Savings Fund Society)

1871  Lebanon, Conn., still cherishes on its common the old oven used by the French in the Revolution.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

1927  December 2 – Following 19 years of Ford Model T production, the Ford Motor Company unveils the Ford Model A as its new automobile.

America - Did you know? Self-emptying Lake George (Alaska) is the best known curiosity of its kind. A dam of ice forms each winter and the lake backs up behind it. The pressure of the water causes the dam to burst. The lake empties itself, and the process begins all over.

The World Almanac of the U.S.A, by Allan Carpenter and Carl Provorse, 1996

Quebec - Did you know? Have you ever wondered why there are often no very old tombstones in the cemteries of Canada/New France? There is a good reason. Up until the mid to late 1800s, the deceased were buried around the church. It was the customary practice to do this as a way of showing the close relationship between the living and the dead, as God is master of life and death. In time, space ran out and new cemeteries were created. At that point, the bodies near the church were often exhumed and transfered to a common area of the new cemetery. The gravestones of the old cemetery were eventually removed to create space around the church for parking.

La Nativité de Notre-Dame du Vieux-Beauport (
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C.P.R. Station

1909 advertisement

Take Notice
When you are in need of any kind of building material, windows, doors, blinds, clap-boards, shingles, etc., or Paroid or Grenasco Roofing, go to Edwin Janvin, Hampton Falls, N.H.

Kensington, New Hampshire, sketches and reminiscences by Mace, Ida M Published 1909
Died December 2