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1871 - Express Delivery

The Sanitary Still
The Cuprigraph Co.
79 North Green Street
Chicago, Ill.

The Ladies' Home Journal
July 1898
Monroe, Michigan, USA

1871 - Near Monroe, Mich., the other night, a crowd, of young men assembled to charivari a newly married couple at the residence of Mr. Mordecai Kelley.
Mr. Kelley, hearing the noise, arouse, and, taking an old, unused gun, snapped it at the crowd, when it went off, instantly killing a brother of the bride, named Garton, and seriously wounding two... Read MORE...

St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  March 4, 1871

Old Town, Maine, USA

1871 - Social Party
At a social party in the Town Hall of Oldtown, Me., a few nights ago, a young lady, who wished to get a better view of the dancers, attempted to lift herself by a lamp-bracket affixed to the gallery, ... Read MORE...

St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  March 4, 1871

1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Adding Fruit to Cake - Currants, raisins and citrus will not settle to the bottom of either...Read MORE...

The Ladies" Home Journal, June 1898
Denver, Colorado, USA

1871 - Express Delivery
At Denver, Col., a few days ago, a man tried to have himself sent by express to Newtown Corners, Mass., by securing himself in a box expressly manufactured by himself for that purpose. The box was... Read MORE...

St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  March 4, 1871

C. C. C.
Connecticut Clothing Co.
Bates & Lindsey
Putnam, Conn.
Southbridge, Mass.
Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

1871 - Mary's Little Lamb
The Worcester Gazette has become nauseated by the many recent effusions concerning "Mary's Little Lamb," and disposes of the animal in this way:

"Mary had a little lamb,"
We've heard it o'er and...

St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  March 4, 1871

Bristol, Pennsylvania, USA

1896 - Big Hosiery Mill Burned.
Bristol, Pa., March 4. - The loss by the burning of the Providence Hosiery mill yesterday is now estimated at $125,000, but this is fully covered by insurance. About 400 hands are thrown out of work... Read MORE...

Middletown Daily Argus -  Middletown, New York -  March 4, 1896

Danbury, Connecticut, USA

1896 - $150,000 BLAZE IN DANBURY.
Fifteen Buildings Destroyed - Firemen, Hatter, and Woman Hurt.

DANBURY, Conn., March 3. - The Fire Department battled for four hours this morning with a fire in the centre of the city. Property... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  March 4, 1896

1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

Never criticise a companion"s dress, or indeed make any remark whatever upon it. If a near friend,...Read MORE...

The Ladies" Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
Canaan, Connecticut, USA

In Blowing Open Canaan (Conn.) Post Office Safe They Start a $10,000 Fire and Escape.

Special to The New York Times.

DERBY, Conn., March 3. - In a bold raid by burglars at 3 o'clock this... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  March 4, 1903

Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Carlisle, Penn., March 4. - Denny Hall, one of the finest buildings connected with Dickinson College, at Carlisle, Pa., was destroyed by fire.

No injuries were reported. The loss is estimated at... Read MORE...

Tyrone Daily Herald -  Tyrone, Pennsylvania -  March 4, 1904

Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA


Allentown, Pa., March 4. - The Tenth ward school house was damaged to the extent of $20,000 by a fire, starting probably from a defective or and overheated flue. The entire west wing was gutted.

Tyrone Daily Herald -  Tyrone, Pennsylvania -  March 4, 1909

1933 - March, The Great Depression: President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares a "Bank holiday", closing all United States banks and freezing all financial transactions.
Bank Holiday Causes Flood of Freak News
Church Calls Moratorium; Movies on Credit; Lucky San Pedro
(By United Press)
NEW YORK, March 3 - Mrs. Martha Laughran, Brooklyn boarding house keeper,... Read MORE...

The Salt Lake Tribune -  Salt Lake City, Utah -  March 4, 1933

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

JACKSON, Miss. (UPI) - Police and volunteers began a sweep of devastated areas of central Mississippi at first light today in a search for more victims of tornadoes that killed at least 58 persons... Read MORE...

The Delta Democrat-Times -  Greenville, Mississippi -  March 4, 1966

1871  Ice Boat Race
A race between ice-boats came off at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., on the 21st. The winner ran twelve miles in eleven minutes.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

1871  It is stated that ninety-six out of every hundred Prussian soldiers, upon the average, are able to read and write.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

1908  March 4 – The Collinwood School Fire, near Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A., kills 174.

1917  March 4 - Jeannette Rankin of Montana becomes the first woman member of the United States House of Representatives.

America - Did you know? 1857 - Dred Scott v. Sanford: Landmark Supreme Court decision holds that Congress does not have the ...Read MORE...

Quebec - Did you know? On Sunday mornings, residents of New France attended Mass. The rest of the day was spent playing...Read MORE...

Daily Life in New France ( french/ daily_life_in_new_france.htm)
Picture of the Day

Visit Chazy, New York, USA (Sciota)!

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General Post Office, Masonic Hall and Main St., West Chazy, N.Y.

Hausman's Blue Pills
A Stimulant Diuretic
Trinidad, Colorado

Found at The Way It Was Museum, Virginia City, Nevada
Died March 4


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