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1872 - Storm Dresses

Milford, Massachusetts, USA

MILFORD, Mass., Feb. 23. - The manufactory of Estabrook & Co., was burned last evening. The fire, the cause of which is unknown, broke out in the first story of the building, occupied by the owners... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  March 24, 1882

Elastic Stockings

Curtis & Spindell Co.
38 Wyman Block
Lynn, Mass.

The Ladies' Home Journal
April 1898

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Memphis, Tennessee, USA

1907 - $65,000 LOSS AT MEMPHIS. Freight House and Twenty-Five Car Loads of Merchandise Burned.
Memphis, Tenn., March 21. - A freight house of the Illinois Central Railroad, situated at the corner of Shelby and Calhoun streets in the southern part of this city, together with twenty-five car... Read MORE...

The Dallas Morning News -  Dallas, Texas -  March 24, 1907

Northampton, Massachusetts, USA (Florence)

1907 - RUNAWAY AT NORTHAMPTON - Horses Dash Along Railroad Tracks for a Mile and Scatter People at Union Station.
A sensational runaway, in which a span of horses scattered the people standing about the union station at Northampton and ran for a mile on the railroad tracks, took place yesterday noon. The horses... Read MORE...

Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  March 24, 1907

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Maple Icing - For maple icing boil together half a cup of cream, one cup scraped maple sugar ...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Home Journal, June 1898
Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA

1907 - MANY FINGERS CUT OFF. Two Accidents at Holyoke in Which These Valuable Members Were Lost.
Yesterday was a bad day for Holyoke fingers. Nine were lopped off, as reported last evening, with outlying districts to be heard from. Fred Joyall, a lad of 15, who has been employed at the Norman... Read MORE...

Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  March 24, 1907

Webster's International Dictionary
G. &. C. Merriam Co., Publishers
Springfield, Mass.

The Ladies' Home Journal
May 1898

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Stamford, Connecticut, USA

1908 - Saved From Fire
Stamford, Conn., March 24. - Curly is only a "husky" and until recently he trod the frozen Northwwest helping drag pack sleds. He came to Col. John I. Holly, a Stamford business man from Alaska, and... Read MORE...

San Jose Mercury News -  San Jose, California -  March 24, 1908

Chico, California, USA


Chico, Cal., March 24. - The Star theater here was gutted by fire this morning. The blaze started by a moving picture machine. Several stores in the vicinity were badly damaged.

San Jose Mercury News -  San Jose, California -  March 24, 1908

Rockford, Illinois, USA


ROCKFORD, Ill., March 23. - Fire early today damaged the business block occupied by the Rockford & Interurban company and the W. Clark Printing company, to the extent of $75,000.

The Duluth News Tribune -  Duluth, Minnesota -  March 24, 1908

 1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

Storm Dresses — A lady who is obliged to go out frequently in bad weather, will find it both a...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

1911 - EXPLOSION WRECKS COURTHOUSE. New Million-Dollar Structure in Omaha Shattered by Blast of Unknown Origin Early This Morning.
[By Morning Journal Special Leased Wire]

Omaha, Neb., March 23. - Two explosions in the basement of the new million-dollar courthouse at Eighteenth and Farnum streets at 1 o'clock this morning... Read MORE...

The Albuquerque Morning Journal -  Albuquerque, New Mexico -  March 24, 1911

1898  March 24 – Robert Allison of Port Carbon, Pennsylvania, becomes the first person to buy an American-built automobile when he buys a Winton automobile that had been advertised in Scientific American.


1900  March 24 - New York City Mayor Robert Anderson Van Wyck breaks ground for a new underground "Rapid Transit Railroad" that would link Manhattan and Brooklyn.


 America - Did you know? S&H Green Stamps were trading stamps popular in the United States from the 1930s until the late...Read MORE...


 Quebec - Did you know? French Canadians celebrate Dollard Day on the Monday preceding May 25. The day honors a...Read MORE...

Countries and Their Cultures - French-Canadians (www.everyculture.com)
 Picture of the Day

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Sorosis Park (1910)

Globe Corset Company, Worcester, Mass.

The Ladies' Home Journal
July 1898

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