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1844 - May 24 – The first electrical telegram is sent over the telegraph by Samuel F. B. Morse from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. to the B&O Railroad "outer depot" in Baltimore, Maryland, saying "What hath God wrought".

Cumberland, Rhode Island, USA (Valley Falls) (Ashton) (Cumberland Hill)

1809 - Earth Trembling
May 16.
In Cumberland, R.I., near Attleborough, an extraordinary trembling of earth has been repeatedly noticed of late; sometimes so hard as to break crockery ware. Several persons have removed. It ... Read MORE...

The Maryland Gazette -  Annapolis, Maryland -  May 24, 1809

Allen's Root Beer Extract
Charles E. Carter
Lowell, Mass.

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Washington, DC, USA

1844 - May 24 – The first electrical telegram is sent over the telegraph by Samuel F. B. Morse from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. to the B&O Railroad "outer depot" in Baltimore, Maryland, saying "What hath God wrought".
Taken from the Bible, Numbers 23:23, and recorded on a paper tape, the phrase had been suggested to Morse by Annie Ellsworth, the young daughter of a friend. The success of the experiment would... Read MORE...
May 24, 1844

Detroit, Michigan, USA

DETROIT, May 10 – 9 A. M.

Detroit was visited yesterday by the most destructive conflagration, yet known in its history. A fire broke out about half past 11 in the morning, in a large yellow... Read MORE...

Prairie Du Chien Patriot -  Wisconsin -  May 24, 1848

Northampton, Massachusetts, USA (Florence)

The dwelling house, barn and shop belonging to Moses Breck, was burned to the ground at midnight, Monday night, undoubtedly the work of an incendiary. The total loss is nearly $6,000, insured for but ... Read MORE...

The Pittsfield Sun -  Pittsfield, Massachusetts -  May 24, 1855

Thompson, Connecticut, USA (North Grosvenordale) (Quinebaug)

1860 - Throwing Brickbats in Sleep
A young man residing in West Thompson, Connecticut, rose in his sleep, Sunday night crawled through the attic scuttle to the roof of the house, commenced loosening the bricks from the chimney, and... Read MORE...

St Cloud Democrat -  Saint Cloud, Minnesota -  May 24, 1860

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Spiced Beef - For ten or twelve pounds of beef take one tablespoonful of allspice, six...Read MORE...

The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn., March 16, 1881
Webster, Massachusetts, USA

1884 - Walked to Webster from California
Warren B. Johnson, aged sixty-five years, who left California on foot June 1, 1882, with a horse, cow and dog, arrived at his home in Webster, Massachusetts, Friday night, all the animals... Read MORE...

Arizona Weekly Citizen -  Tucson, Arizona -  May 24, 1884

Hoyt's German Cologne
E. W. Hoyt & Co.
Lowell, Mass.

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Cleveland, Ohio, USA

1893 - DEATH IN A STORM. Loss of Life and Property in a Hurricane.

Number of Others Injured, Some of Whom May Die - Many Buildings Destroyed and Crops Damaged -

CLEVELAND, May 24. - A terrific windstorm struck this city a 9 o'clock... Read MORE...

Daily Advocate -  Newark, Ohio -  May 24, 1893

 1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

Avoid affectation; it is the sure test of a deceitful, vulgar mind. The best cure is to try to have ...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
Utica, New York, USA

1907 - Smoke Suffocates Two During Utica Hotel Fire. Several Other Persons, Overcome, Are Carried Out.
Utica, May 23. - By a fire that caused less than $5,000 damage in the Metropolitan Hotel shortly after midnight, Mrs. Hannah S. Zintsmaster, an employe of the hotel, and George James, a guest, were... Read MORE...

The Post Standard -  Syracuse, New York -  May 24, 1907

1884  Mrs. Elizabeth A. Thornton, of Hackensack, N. J., recently celebrated her one hundredth birthday.
She distinctly recalls the visit of Lafayette to Camden to lay the corner-stone of the DeKalb monument. - N. Y. Sun.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

1901  Vanderlyn murdered
Frank Heroy, son of a Methodist clergyman, shot and killed Charles Vanderlyn, at Greenfield, N. Y., yesterday.

Harrisburg Telegraph
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

 America - Did you know? Cherry Pit Spitting - Michigan - 2018 will be the 45th year of the International Cherry Pit...Read MORE...

 Quebec - Did you know? The seigneurial system was a form of land settlement modelled on the French feudal system. It began ...Read MORE... 2010/ 10/ seigneurial-system-and-settlement.html
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Fisherman Beach. Swampscott, Mass.

Bradley's Super-Phosphate of Lime
Bradley Fertilzer Co.
Boston, Mass.

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