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1898 - Digestibility of Raisins

Waterville, Maine, USA

1849 - Destructive Fire at Waterville, Me.
A correspondent of the Boston Atlas, writing from Gardiner, Me., states that a large fire occurred at Waterville on Saturday evening.

"Property to the amount of between fifty and sixty thousand... Read MORE...

The Farmers' Cabinet -  Amherst, New Hampshire -  July 26, 1849

Weedsport Skirt & Dress Co. 1887 advertisement

Security Corset.
Elegance, Comfort, Economy, Durability
Manufactured by Weedsport Shirt & Dress, Co.
Weedsport, N.Y.

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Chester, Vermont, USA

We had one of the greatest floods last week known since 1830.

In Chester, Mr. David Johnson was drowned. While crossing a bridge over a branch of Williams river, it was swept off, and he fell into ... Read MORE...

The Vermont Journal -  Windsor, Vermont -  July 26, 1850

1866 - July 25 – The United States Congress passes legislation authorizing the rank of General of the Army (now called "5-star general"); Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant becomes the first to have this rank.
The President Signs the Bill Reviving the Grade of General - General Grant Nominated - Vice-admiral Farragut Appointed Admiral.

WASHINGTON, July 25. - The President has signed...

The Cincinnati Enquirer -  Cincinnati, Ohio -  July 26, 1866

Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA

1875 - Another Summer Resort Burned.
SPRINGFIELD, Mass., July 25.- 'Ingleside,' a well known summer resort, about three miles southwest of Holyoke, was completely destroyed by fire this evening. It was built by J. S. Davis, a few years... Read MORE...

The Philadelphia Inquirer -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -  July 26, 1875

Newark, New Jersey, USA

1875 - FIRE. Destructive Conflagration in Newark, N. J.
NEWARK, N. J., July 25. - A fire yesterday afternoon destroyed the Excelsior Planing Mill, on Railroad place, in the rear of No. 90 River street, belonging to T. B. Peddle and W. O. Hadly, and run by ... Read MORE...

The Philadelphia Inquirer -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -  July 26, 1875

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Digestibility of Raisins - Yes, raisins are excellent,a nd quite digestible providing they...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Home Journal, May 1898

1868 advertisement

Herring & Leyden
Clothing House

The Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta, Georgia
July 5, 1868

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El Paso, Texas, USA

1895 - Flood
At 8 o'clock yesterday afternoon, dark, angry looking clouds from the east swept over the city and dropped a heavy shower of rain, and on Franklin mountain there was a regular cloud burst. The water... Read MORE...

Rio Grande Republican -  Las Cruces, New Mexico -  July 26, 1895

Xenia, Ohio, USA

1902 - Four are Killed in Railroad Wreck. Disaster on Pennsylvania Line Near Xenia, Ohio-Passenger Train in Collision With Wild Coal Car.
Dayton, Ohio, July 25.- Engineer WILLIAM CLARK of Xenia, under his engine, burned to a crisp; his fireman, PATRICK DWYER of Cincinnati, head crushed, right arm broken and both legs cut off; two... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  July 26, 1902

Billings, Montana, USA

Billings, Mont., July 25. - (AP) - Four lives were lost this afternoon by the capsizing of a boat filled with Sons of Hermann picknickers on the Yellowstone River, two miles south of this... Read MORE...

Los Angeles Herald -  Los Angeles, California -  July 26, 1909

 1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

Never sit down to the piano uninvited, unless you are alone in the parlor. Do not take any book you ...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
Westport, Massachusetts, USA (Westport Point)

1909 - Killed His Wife, Then Ended His Life in the Police Station
Westport, Mass, Man, Crazed by Drink, Used an Old Indian Tomahawk in Murdering Woman
New Bedford, Mass., July 26. - Waylaying his wife on a lonely road and striking her down with a tomahawk, Robert... Read MORE...

The Indiana Gazette -  Indiana, Pennsylvania -  July 26, 1909

1878  July 26 – In California, the poet and American West outlaw calling himself "Black Bart" makes his last clean getaway when he steals a safe box from a Wells Fargo stagecoach. The empty box is found later with a taunting poem inside.

 America - Did you know? 1831 - William Lloyd Garrison begins publishing the Liberator, a weekly paper that advocates the...Read MORE...

 Quebec - Did you know? French-Canadian couples getting married are not supposed to wear new shoes at the wedding. Grains,...Read MORE...

French-Canadian Culture ( /articles /french-canadiane-culture.html)
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Baptist Church

1875 advertisement

Beaudry & McAvoy
Undertakers and General Furnishers
Cor. Broadway and 7th Street, Opposite Depot.
Oakland, Calif.

Oakland Tribune
Oakland, California
June 30, 1875

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