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1880 - Nitro-Glycerine Works Explodes

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

1903 - October 1-13 - First World Series
The 1903 World Series was the first modern World Series to be played in Major League Baseball. It matched the Boston Americans of the American League against the Pittsburgh Pirates of the National... Read MORE...

October 13, 1903

$9.00 Fur Colarets
E. Albrecht & Son, St. Paul, Minn.

The Ladies' Home Journal
October 1898

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West Haven, Connecticut, USA

1888 - Confessed to Heavy Forgeries
NEW HAVEN, Conn., Oct. 11. - Henry G. Hotchkiss, of West Haven, a hardware manufacturer, has been arrested charged with forging checks upon the Yale National Bank of New Haven to the amount of... Read MORE...

St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  October 13, 1888

Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA

Franklin, Pa., Oct. 13. - An oil fire at the Eclipse refinery, Franklin, information of which appeared in the Herald of yesterday, was reported last night to be still burning, but under control. The... Read MORE...

Titusville Herald -  Titusville, Pennsylvania -  October 13, 1911

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Great Falls, Mont. - (UP) - Capt. NIELS CHIEVITZ, 44, Minneapolis, and Sgt. ROBERT B. RUE, 23, Cincinnati, O., were killed when a Liberator bomber crashed and burned 5 miles southeast of Peterson... Read MORE...

Wisconsin State Journal -  Madison, Wisconsin -  October 13, 1943

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Clear Tomato Soup - Add a pint of water to a quart of stewed tomatoes. Add a slice of onion, ...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Home Journal, June 1898
North Adams, Massachusetts, USA

1880 - Nitro-Glycerine Works Explodes
The Mosbray nitro-glycerine works at North Adams, Massachusetts, have been blown up three times. They have had ten superintendents, eight of whom were killed by explosion, one blinded, and the last... Read MORE...

The Indianapolis News -  Indianapolis, Indiana -  October 13, 1880

The Swift-Specific Company
Atlanta, Georgia
Found at The Way It Was Museum, Virginia City, Nevada

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1900 - Socialists Meet
At the corner of Dexter and Darling streets last night an open air meeting was held under the... of the Socialist-Labor party. The speakers were Edward Theinert of Olneyville and Richard M. Shaw of... Read MORE...

Pawtucket Times -  Pawtucket, Rhode Island -  October 13, 1900

1857  October 13 – Panic of 1857: New York banks close and do not reopen until December 12.


1942 Tuesday, October 13, 1942 - Looking Backward - 50 Years Ago
Old wooden building used as brewery for many years by Gimlich & White and located in rear of newer brick brewery, torn down.

The Berkshire Evening Eagle
Pittsfield, Massachusetts

 America - Did you know? 1770: Boston Massacre: British troops fire into a mob, killing five men and leading to intense...Read MORE...


 Quebec - Did you know? The seigneurial system was a form of land settlement modelled on the French feudal system. It began ...Read MORE...

richardjohnbr.blogspot.com/ 2010/ 10/ seigneurial-system-and-settlement.html
 Picture of the Day

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Morton Street, Malone, N.Y.

Rexall Acid-Dyspesia Tablets
United Drug Company, Boston - St. Louis, USA
Found at The Way It Was Museum, Virginia City, Nevada

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