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1905 - PANIC FOLLOWS EXPLOSION. All Providence Scared Over Prediction of Christmas Disaster.

John Snyder

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Port Jervis, New York, USA

1876 - Christmas
The postoffice will be opened on Christmas day from 9 to 10 a.m. and 12 to 1 p.m.

...Many of our villagers were busily engaged in removing the snow and ice from... Read MORE...

The Evening Gazette -  Port Jervis, New York -  Saturday, December 23, 1876

Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA (Steitztown)

1900 - BABE TRAMPLED UPON BY FRANTIC PASSENGERS Cars Collide on Lebanon Trolley Line, Twenty Injured in the Crash.
Special to The Inquirer.

LEBANON, Pa., Dec. 22. - Two cars filled with Christmas shoppers collided this afternoon on the Lebanon Valley Street Railway, a short distance west of this city, with... Read MORE...

The Philadelphia Inquirer -  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -  December 23, 1900

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

1905 - PANIC FOLLOWS EXPLOSION. All Providence Scared Over Prediction of Christmas Disaster.
Special to The New York Times.

PROVIDENCE, R. I., Dec. 22. - A slight explosion in a jewelry factory, within a short block of the shopping district caused by a panic to-day among the several... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  December 23, 1905

1913  December 23 – The Federal Reserve System is created as the central banking system of the United States by Woodrow Wilson's signature of the Federal Reserve Act.

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 Quebec - Did you know? If they wished to marry French-Canadians, Protestants were obliged to obtain a dispensation from...Read MORE...
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La Vieille Masion des Jesuites - Sillery, Que. - The Old Jesuit House
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