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1881 - Green Corn Pudding

Woodbridge Township, New Jersey, USA

1910 - ENGINE KILLS TWO IN AUTO. Men on Rear Seat of Machine Escape Injury in Crossing Crash.
New Brunswick, N. J., June 22. - Two automobiles were killed today when a locomotive struck their automobile near Woodbridge, N. J. They were Thomas Gilfeather, and automobile salesman, of... Read MORE...

The Washington Post -  Washington, DC -  June 23, 1910

Cook Ely
Photographic Artist
Racine, Wisconsin

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Southbridge, Massachusetts, USA

1883 - Bound to Get Away
BOSTON, June 22. - J. P. Olds was arrested at Southbridge to-day on a charge of stealing large quantities of gold from the American Optical Company. Olds had been a respected citizen, and has had... Read MORE...

Dunkirk Evening Observer -  Dunkirk, New York -  June 23, 1883

Montague, Massachusetts, USA (Millers Falls) (Turners Falls)

1907 - TOURING CAR WAS UPSET. Man and Three Women Pinned in Wreckage at Montague - One woman Has Arm Broken.
A touring party passing through Montague had quite a serious accident yesterday. While climbing the Mill river hill there was not sufficient power, and the machine began to slip back. The driver lost ... Read MORE...

Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  June 23, 1907

North Brookfield, Massachusetts, USA

Arthur and Wilbur, Aged 11 and 15, Lose Lives in North Brookfield.

Two sons of Noah Davis were drowned in the ice pond of J. D. Merrill at Waite Corner in North Brookfield yesterday afternoon at... Read MORE...

Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  June 23, 1907

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Green Corn Pudding - Grate a dozen ears of corn; season with a teaspoonful of white pepper;...Read MORE...

The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn., September 28, 1881
Passaic, New Jersey, USA

1873 - Destructive Conflagration In Passaic-Loss, $6,000-Two Men Burned To Death.
The most disastrous conflagration that has ever occurred in Passaic, N.J., began just before midnight Saturday. At 11:10 p.m. flames were first seen issuing from the roof of Henry Yearance’s livery... Read MORE...

New York Herald-Tribune -  New York -  June 23, 1873

A.B. Cross
Photographic Studio
256 1/2 Essex St.
Salem, Mass.

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New Britain, Connecticut, USA

1907 - NEW BRITAIN TROLLIES CRASH. Many Seriously Injured But No Fatalities.
A bad head-on trolly{sic} accident, which probably will result fatally, occurred last night on a grade near White Oak park, a summer resort between New Britain, Ct., and Plainville. Nearly a dozen... Read MORE...

Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  June 23, 1907

Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada (Three Rivers)

1908 - FIRE RAKES A CANADIAN TOWN - Million Dollars' Damage Done In Three Rivers, Quebec.

But Flames Are Not Stayed Before the Whole Business Section Has Been Paralyzed.

THREE RIVERS, Que., June 23. - Fanned by a high wind a fire which broke out shortly before... Read MORE...

Warren Evening Mirror -  Warren, Pennsylvania -  June 23, 1908

North Adams, Massachusetts, USA

Many Rush for the Doors at Empire Theater When Picture Machine Takes Fire - One Woman Trampled on and Others Hysterical - Fire Quickly Put Out.

The moving picture machine in the balcony of the... Read MORE...

Springfield Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  June 23, 1907

 1800s Advice and Etiquette for Men

Orthography, or spelling well, is so absolutely necessary for a man of letters or a gentleman ,...Read MORE...

Practical Morality, Or, A Guide to Men and Manners... (1813). United Kingdom: J. Walker.
1887  June 23 – The Rocky Mountains Park Act becomes law in Canada, creating that nation's first national park, Banff National Park.

1880  Torrential Rains
BERLIN, June 22 - In the district of Lauban near Breslau, Prussia, torrential rains have killed 56 persons and destroyed 105 houses.

 America - Did you know? The lowest point in the Western Hemisphere is Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park. It is...Read MORE...

 Quebec - Did you know? Saint-Jean-Vianney was originally created as a parish municipality in 1935, and became a village on ...Read MORE...

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