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1885 - The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor.

1924 - June 2 - Congress Granted Citizenship to All Native Americans Born in the U.S.
Citizenship Given Indians
- Long Beach Press -

Every native-born Indian in this country is made a citizen of the United States by act of President Coolidge in signing the Indian Citizenship... Read MORE...

Santa Ana Register -  Santa Ana, California -  June 20, 1924

Bradley's Super-Phosphate of Lime
Bradley Fertilzer Co.
Boston, Mass.

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Manhattan, New York, USA (New York City) (New Amsterdam) (Washington Heights)

1885 - The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York Harbor.
The formal reception of Bartholdi's great statue of "Liberty Enlightening the World" took place at yesterday at New York with impressive ceremonies. The city was decorated wand the harbor was gay... Read MORE...

Chicago Daily Tribune -  Chicago, Illinois -  June 20, 1885

1908 - THREE MEN DEAD IN A MINE - Explosion Near Monongahela, Pa., With Fatal Results.
MONONGAHELA, Pa., June 19. - Three miners are dead, two others perhaps fatally burned, and fifteen entombed, many of whom are supposed to be dead from an explosion at the Ellsworth No. 1 mine of the... Read MORE...

The Nebraska State Journal -  Lincoln, Nebraska -  June 20, 1908

Danvers, Massachusetts, USA

1868 - A tomb in the old burying ground in Danvers, Mass., holding the remains of the Putnam family for generations past, was recently broken into by some boys,
who stole the silver plates from the coffins, and carried off and sold the bones to peddlers. One of the parties was caught, which led to the detection of others,. When arrested, they had a basket of ... Read MORE...

St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  June 20, 1868

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Egg Toast

Beat an egg smooth with half a teacup of rich milk. Dip slices of stale bread in this...Read MORE...

The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Connecticut, July 19, 1882

Crown Sewing Machines and Florence Oil Stoves
The Florence Machine Co.
Florence, Mass.

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Montgomery, Vermont, USA

1911 - MONTGOMERY. John Lafountain Injured by Fall as Staging Gives Away.
While shingling the roof of Leo Bombard's barn the staging upon which John Lafountain was working gave away and Mr. Lafountain fell to the ground striking his head upon a stick of timber and being... Read MORE...

St. Albans Daily Messenger -  St. Albans, Vermont -  June 20, 1911

Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA

Ft. Bragg, N. C. (UP) - Lightning bolts, flashing from an electrical storm, struck in the center of bivouacing National Guardsmen
Wednesday, killing two men and injuring some 47 others.

The...

Panama City Herald -  Panama City, Florida -  June 20, 1957

Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA

The following letter from the Rev. Mr. Rowland, to the editor of the National Gazette, describes, in a most vivid manner, this sorrowful occurrence.

Fayetteville, N.C. May 29, 1831.
Sir -...

Huron Reflector -  Elyria, Ohio -  June 20, 1831

 1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

If you are ever caught in a shower, and meet a gentleman friend who offers an umbrella, accept it,...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
South Bend, Indiana, USA

1900  Fatal Hotel Fire.

South Bend, Ind., June 20.-Fire in the Morrison Hotel early this morning resulted in the death of L.C. Smart, a telephone lineman, and the serious injury of six other persons. Loss $25,000.

New Haven Register -  New Haven, Connecticut -  June 20, 1900

1682  A major tornado ripped through southwestern Connecticut, passing through Stratford, Milford, and New Haven, and then into Long Island Sound.

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1893  Lizzie Borden acquitted in murder of parents in New Bedford Mass

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 America - Did you know? 1831 - William Lloyd Garrison begins publishing the Liberator, a weekly paper that advocates the...Read MORE...

 Quebec - Did you know? About 30,000 French people set out on the great voyage to New France before 1760. Of this number,...Read MORE...

History of Quebec for Dummies by Eric Bedard, published by John Wiley & Sons, Canada, Ltd.
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View of Standard Oil Plant, near Alton, Ill., 1912

Vacuum Harness Oil
M. Haberbush
Lancaster, PA

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