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1882 - Thief
John Timmerman, the Bel Air clerk who absconded recently with about $300, has written from Chicago to his wife and Mr. Kernochan declined to intercept the letter. It comes to light that Timmerman,... Read MORE...

The Berkshire County Eagle -  Pittsfield, Massachusetts -  June 22, 1882

A. K. Hawkes Company glasses
found at Old Drugstore, St Augustine, Florida

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Lubbock, Texas, USA

1981 - June 22 - A young woman from Lubbock, TX, was struck by lightning.
The bolt of lightning struck just above her right shoulder near her neck, and passed right to left through her body, tearing her warm-ups, causing her tennis shoes to explode, and lifting her two... Read MORE...

The Weather Channel
June 22, 1981

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA

1898 - SERIOUS ACCIDENT. William Fernald Felled by a Falling Electric Light Pole
The North end was the scene of another terrible accident this morning when William Fernald of Eliot, received injuries that will likely prove fatal.

He was employed on the bridge gang of the... Read MORE...

Portsmouth Herald -  Portsmouth, New Hampshire -  June 22, 1898

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Fried Cakes

One quart of flour, one cup of sugar, one cup of sweet milk, one egg, a pinch of...Read MORE...

The Southbridge Journal, Southbridge, Massachusetts, December 25, 1885
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

LAS VEGAS, Nev., June 23 - (UP) - A dynamite explosion which claimed the lives of two men and injured three others late Saturday night, near the site of Boulder dam, was scheduled for investigation... Read MORE...

Ogden Standard Examiner -  Ogden, Utah -  June 22, 1931

"Cuticura soap, manufactured by the Potter Drug and Chemical company, is an antibacterial medicated soap in use since 1865. Noted Boston philanthropist George Robert White (1847-1922) was once the president and owner of Potter Drug and Chemical. Cuticura contains triclocarban instead of the more usual triclosan. These two antibacterial agents have very similar molecularity. By themselves they kill 99.99% of bacteria and microbes (like fungus spores) on contact. Cuticura soap has been in use, and is relatively unchanged, since 1865." wikipedia

Found at Old Drugstore, St Augustine, Florida

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San Bernadino, California, USA

San Bernadino June 22. - George A. Ralphs, millionaire grocer of Los Angeles, died here several hours after a three-ton boulder had crushed his leg. The accident occurred in the San Bernadino... Read MORE...

The Evening News -  San Jose, California -  June 22, 1914

Richford, Vermont, USA

1892 - Disastrous Flood in Vermont.
RICHFORD, Vt., June 21. - The most disastrous flood since 1869 has visited this section. The booms in the Mississquoi River broke early this morning and thousands of logs belonging to the Richford... Read MORE...

The New York Times -  New York, New York -  June 22, 1892

Richmond, Virginia, USA

Richmond Lineman Touched 3,000-Voltage Current With Ungloved Hand.

Special to The Washington Post.
Richmond, Va., June 21. - In sight of fellow-workmen Grover C. Weber, 25 years old, a lineman,... Read MORE...

The Washington Post -  Washington, D.C. -  June 22, 1910

 1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

A social philosopher has said "Women need more amusement, a broader companionship than is possible...Read MORE...

Advice for Ladies - The Southbridge Journal, Southbridge, Massachusetts, December 25, 1885
Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA

1875 - Burning of French Catholic Church
The sad disaster caused by the burning of the French Catholic church at Holyoke, Massachusetts, still causes great gloom in that part of the country. The deaths number about 80. A considerable number ... Read MORE...

The Times -  London, England -  June 22, 1875

1918  June 22 – Suspects in the Chicago Restaurant Poisonings are arrested, and more than 100 waiters are taken into custody, for poisoning restaurant customers with a lethal powder called Mickey Finn.

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1870  June 22 - The U.S. Congress creates the United States Department of Justice.

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 America - Did you know? When the laconic President Calvin Coolidge died, columnist Dorothy Parker wrote: "How could they...Read MORE...

The World Almanac of the U.S.A, by Allan Carpenter and Carl Provorse, 1996

 Quebec - Did you know? The life of the French-Canadians in Quebec was largely agrarian. It was a system where each...Read MORE...

French-Canadian Culture (
 Picture of the Day

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Leavitt Block, 1913

The Fish Net & Twine Co.
Found at St Augustine Lighthouse, St Augustine, Florida

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