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1833 - Good Advice
It is better to tread the path of life cheerfully, skipping lightly over the thorns and briars that obstruct your way than to sit down under every hedge lamenting your hard fate. The thread of a... Read MORE...

Richmond Weekly Palladium -  Richmond, Indiana -  Sat, September 28, 1833

Bouctouche, Kent, New Brunswick, Canada

1892 - WORK OF SMUGGLERS. Prominent Citizens Charged with Firing Bouctouche to Cover Their Crimes.
MONCTON, N. B.., Sept. 28. Evidence accumulates that the fire which destroyed Bouctouche last week was set by incendiaries who wished to cover up their smuggling. Two young men, one named Renoud, son ... Read MORE...

Oswego, NY Daily Times -  Oswego, New York -  September 28, 1892

Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

Professor Robert Goddard's Rocket, Which is Expected to Travel 70 Miles in Air, is Ready

WORCHESTER, Mass., - An actual test of Professor Robert Goddard's rocket, which it is claimed, can travel... Read MORE...

The Ogden Standard-Examiner -  Ogden, Utah -  September 28, 1920

Arcadia, California, USA

1922 - Dirigible Z-2 Arrived At Arcadia, Cal., Today
(Special to News by United Press.)
Pacedonia, Cal., Today. - The Dirigible Z-2 arrived safely at Rose Field at Arcadia, Cal. at 9:25 a.m. to-day. The flight from San Francisco was without incident.... Read MORE...

Lebanon Daily News -  Lebanon, Pennsylvania -  September 28, 1922

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Baked Potatoes - Raw potatoes pared and sliced very thin, put into a pudding dish and...Read MORE...

The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn., March 9, 1881
Somers, Connecticut, USA (Somersville)

1878 - The Hartford Religious Herald says the Town of Somers, Conn., has for twenty years taken the responsibility of all burials within its limits,
and has supplied to all, rich and poor, high and low alike, a sexton, hearse and grave for the cost of four dollars. The Herald inquires if it would not be well to have all burials in towns and... Read MORE...

St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  September 28, 1878

Bristol, Connecticut, USA

1878 - The Rev. J. D. Gillihand, the Rector of Trinity Church (Protestant Episcopal) at Bristol, Conn., the other day, astonished his congregation
by sending them a letter announcing his resignation of his pastorate and his intention of joining the Roman Catholic Church. Not the slightest intimation of such a step had previously been given to... Read MORE...

St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  September 28, 1878

Riverside, California, USA

1970 - Third youth dies
Riverside (AP) – David CRAWFORD, 13, died today of wounds suffered Thursday in a grenade explosion. Two playmates, Bobby Lee EWING and Ricky Lee LEAMON, also 13, were killed instantly.

Police said ...

Reno Evening Gazette -  Reno, Nevada -  September 28, 1970

 1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

When in the car if you find the exertion of talking painful, say so frankly; your escort cannot be...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
Hempstead, New York, USA

Hempstead, N.Y., Sept. 28 - JOHN L. LONGSTAFF, a former English army officer, was mortally injured this evening while flying in a "Farman" biplane with his mechanic, PIERRE CHAVELLIER. When only... Read MORE...

Salt Lake Tribune -  Salt Lake City, Utah -  September 28, 1912

1924  September 28 – U.S. Army pilots John Harding and Erik Nelson complete the first round-the-world flight. It takes them 175 days and 74 stops before they finally returned to Seattle.

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1878  Many funny fancies have come from Danbury, Conn.
At least one funny fact comes from the same town. A Danbury man hired his divorced wife to attend to his present wife's child. - N. Y. Herald.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

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 America - Did you know? What a quack!

Sometimes pioneers were so desperate for a cure that they turned to a quacksalver, ...Read MORE...

Mormon Station State Historic Park. Genoa, Nevada

 Quebec - Did you know? Among Catholics, choice of first name wasn’t left to chance or parents’ imagination. On the...Read MORE... en/ nomsPrenoms.htm
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