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1897 - A Vast Sum Worse Than Wasted.

1897 - A Vast Sum Worse Than Wasted.
A temperance orator says that $858,000,000 was expended for beer alone in the United States last year. Assuming that the population of the United States was 70,000,000 in 1896, this would be more... Read MORE...

The Abbeville Press and Banner -  Abbeville, South Carolina -  May 19, 1897

Silver Plate
Wm. Rogers, Eagle Brand
Made only by Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co., Wallingford, Conn.

The Ladies' Home Journal
July 1898

Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. was a cutlery and silver hollowware manufacturer in Wallingford, Connecticut, founded in 1866. By c. 1895, the company operated large factories in Wallingford and Montreal, Canada.

In 1898, Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co. became part of the International Silver Company headquartered in neighboring Meriden.

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Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada (Tracadie-Sheila)

1897 - LEPERS ON A TRAIN. Three Icelanders Sent to Be Immured in a Lazaretto for Life.
Three lepers, natives of Iceland, have arrived at the lazaretto, at Tracadie, Gloucester County, New Brunswick. The lepers were brought from Winnipeg, Manitoba, in a freight car, which was directly... Read MORE...

The Abbeville Press and Banner -  Abbeville, South Carolina -  May 19, 1897

Gill, Massachusetts, USA

May 19, 1676 - The Peskeompscut Massacre
On the sleepy morning of May 19, 1676 in present-day Gill, Massachusetts, a band of English colonists under the command of Captain William Turner fell upon the poorly guarded Indian village of... Read MORE...
May 19, 1676

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Apple Jam - Peel and core the apples, cut in thin slices and put them in a preserving kettle ...Read MORE...

The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn., November 24, 1880

The Clinton Safety Pin
The Oakville Company
Waterbury, Conn.

The Ladies' Home Journal
May 1898

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1980 - May 18 - Mount Saint Helens (in Washington State) erupted spewing ash and smoke sixty-three thousand feet into the air. Heavy ash covered the ground to the immediate northwest, and small particles were carried to the Atlantic coast.


Vancouver, Wash. (UPI) - Mount St. Helens exploded in a giant, killer eruption Sunday that blew 600 feet off its summit, set off huge forest fires,... Read MORE...

Daily Herald -  Chicago, Illinois -  May 19, 1980

Akron, Ohio, USA

Akron, O. - May 18. - Fire in the seven-story Hower Power block today practically destroyed the building and its contents, causing a loss which it is thought will aggregate $1,500,000. Several girls... Read MORE...

Alton Evening Telegraph -  Illinois -  May 19, 1909

 1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

No lady should drink wine at dinner. Even if her head is strong enough to bear it, she will find...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
Staten Island, New York, USA

The heavy and rather unusual spring fog which enveloped bay and river to-day was responsible for two serious collisions in the harbor, in one of which one man was killed and in the other a hundred or ... Read MORE...

Brooklyn Eagle -  Brooklyn, New York -  May 19, 1902

1888  On the 10th, Cashier H. F. Royce, of the Willimantic (Conn.) Savings Institute, was arrested on the charge of embezzling $35,000.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

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1886 1885 - CHOLERA COMING WEST. The Disease Appears in a Violent Form in a Province of France.
WASHINGTON, May 19. - The Marine hospital bureau received report showing cholera in a violent form has appeared in the village of Bretagne, France.

The Kansas City Star
Kansas City, Missouri

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1842  May 19 – Dorr Rebellion: Militiamen supporting Thomas Wilson Dorr attack the arsenal in Providence, Rhode Island, but are repulsed.

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1780  May 19 - The infamous "dark day" in New England tradition. At noon it was nearly as dark as night. Chickens went to roost, and many persons were fearful of divine wrath. The phenomena was caused by forest fires to the west of New England.

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 America - Did you know? December 2, 1823: Monroe Doctrine: In his annual address to Congress, President Monroe declares...Read MORE...

 Quebec - Did you know? Around 1825, La Cuisinière Bourgeoise, was written as a guide for those employed in the service of...Read MORE...
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Scotia Bridge and Toll House

Folding Bath-Tub with Heater
Diogenes Bath-Tub Co., Ionis, Mich.

The Ladies' Home Journal
June 1898

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