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1898 - Digestibility of Raisins?

1787 - September 17 - U.S. Constitution ratified
The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia met between May and September of 1787 to address the problems of the weak central government that existed under the Articles of Confederation. The United ... Read MORE...
September 17, 1787

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

1879 - Burning of a Distillery Near Milwaukee
MILWAUKEE, Wis., Sept. 16.- Rindskopt's distillery and the surrounding sheds were destroyed by fire this morning. The distillery is situated two miles south of the city limits, and has ... Read MORE...

The Inter Ocean -  Chicago, Illinois -  September 17, 1879

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio (AP) - HemisFair and mini-monorail officials declined official comment Monday while an investigation began into Sunday's monorail train smashup that killed one person and injured 48... Read MORE...

Galveston Daily News -  Galveston, Texas -  September 17, 1968

 1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

Digestibility of Raisins - Yes, raisins are excellent, and quite digestible providing they...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Home Journal, May 1898

Pittsfield Spark Coil Co.

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Arcadia, California, USA

Balloon Used at Training Field Is the Highest Aerial in the World.

Eagle Bureau, 901 Colorado Building
Washington, September 17 - The wireless station at Arcadia, Cal, by using for aerial the... Read MORE...

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle -  Brooklyn, New York -  September 17, 1918

 1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

A lady will always dress plainly when traveling. A gay dress, or finery of any sort, when in a...Read MORE...

The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
1937  September 17 – Abraham Lincoln's head is dedicated at Mount Rushmore

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1923  September 17 – Berkeley Fire: A major fire in Berkeley, California, erupts, consuming some 640 structures, including 584 homes in the densely built neighborhoods north of the campus of the University of California.

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1908  September 17 – At Fort Myer, Virginia, U.S.A., Thomas Selfridge becomes the first person to die in an airplane crash. The pilot, Orville Wright, is severely injured in the crash but recovers.

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1932  September 16-17 - Concord NH was drenched with 5.97 inches of rain in 24 hours to establish a record for that location.

The Weather Channel

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1870  The Catholics of Flushing, Long Island, have resolved to send their children to public schools. Heretofore they have supported a school of their own of about 450 pupils.

St Joseph Herald
Saint Joseph, Michigan

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1787  September 17 - US constitution adopted by Philadelphia convention

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 America - Did you know? The last person to receive a Civil War pension from the United States government was Irene...Read MORE...

 Quebec - Did you know? It’s in MontrĂ©al that you can see the highest inclined tower in the world - the Olympic Stadium...Read MORE...
 Picture of the Day

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Making Winter Roads, East Dover, Vt.

Smith's Shell Station

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