Wednesday, November 10, 2010

1882 - Creative, but definitely NOT fun

A lumberman broke his leg in the Wisconsin woods, and desired to go to his home at Sorel, Canada, where he could receive good treatment. But Sorel was a thousand miles away, and he had only a few dollars. In this dilemma he resolved to travel cheaply as freight. He made a box six feet long, two feet wide and sixteen inches high, marked it "this side up with care," and had himself nailed up and shipped. Some wide cracks gave him air, and he took a long a supply of food and water. He got along very well, though not without discomforts, until he arrived in Montreal, where the box was set up on end, and the inmate left standing on his head. He had been three days on the journey, which the railroad officials enabled him to complete as a regular passenger.

Date: February 09, 1882
Location: Ohio
Paper: Plain Dealer

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