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Sunday, May 26, 2024

May 26 News - 1888 - The Great Jefferson Cheese

Welcome to our blog, where we embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the rich tapestry of history and genealogy.  In this edition, we'll delve into the treasure trove of historical news articles dated May 26, unearthing stories that resonate with genealogists and history enthusiasts alike.  From local happenings to global events, we'll uncover the stories that shaped the lives of our ancestors, providing valuable insights for those on a quest to discover their roots.  So, grab your magnifying glass and step into the past as we unravel the May 26 historical headlines that may hold the missing pieces of your family's history puzzle.
    Hoffman & Eyerley, Dealers in Dry Goods & Notions Hagerstown, Md.
    Hoffman & Eyerley,
    Dealers in Dry Goods & Notions
    Hagerstown, Md.

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    Alton, Illinois, USA


    Alton, Ill., May 25. - This city was struck last night by a tornado, which burst from the southwest, sweeping across the river with terrific fury. Several large buildings on the river front were damaged, some of them seriously. Among them were the National Mills, the Roller Mills, J. A. RYERIE'S grocery store, HAWLEY'S warehouse, the DRURY - WADE Company's hardware store, the DRUMMOND - RANDALL, tobacco facctory, and the Illinois Glass Works. The most serious damage was to RYERIE'S store, the... Read MORE...

    The New York Times -  New York, New York -  May 26, 1885

    Manhattan, New York, USA (New York City) (New Amsterdam) (Washington Heights)

    1896 - May 26 – Charles Dow's Dow Jones Industrial Average first appears in the Wall Street Journal.

    "Charles Henry Dow, born in Sterling, Connecticut on November 5, 1851, was the son of a farmer who died when his son was six years old....

    Dow did not have much education or training, but he managed to find work at the age of 21 with the Springfield Daily Republican, in Massachusetts... Dow then moved on to Rhode Island, joining The Providence Star, where he worked for two years as a night editor. He also reported for the Providence Evening Press. In 1877, Dow joined the staff of the... Read MORE...
    May 26, 1896

    Cheshire, Massachusetts, USA

    1888 - The Great Jefferson Cheese

    When Thomas Jefferson was chosen President Elder John Leland, a Baptist clergyman of Cheshire, Mass., proposed that his flock should celebrate the victory by making for the new Chief Magistrate the biggest cheese the world has ever seen. Every man and woman who owned a cow was to give for this cheese all the milk yielded on a certain day only - no Federal cow must contribute a drop. A huge cider press was fitted up to make it in, and the appointed day the whole country turned out with pails and ... Read MORE...

    St Joseph Herald -  Saint Joseph, Michigan -  May 26, 1888


    1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

    Molasses Fruit Cake

    Four cups of flour, one of butter, one of molasses, one of milk, four eggs, three teaspoonfuls of ginger, a teaspoonful of cloves, and nutmeg, half a pound of currants and raisins. Add the fruit last, and bake in pans in an...Read MORE...

    The Southbridge Journal, Southbridge, Massachusetts, April 18, 1873

    Palace Organs Manufactured by the Loring & Blake Organ Company The Best in the World D. Lothrop & Co., Agents, Dover, N.H.
    Palace Organs
    Manufactured by the Loring & Blake Organ Company
    The Best in the World
    D. Lothrop & Co., Agents,
    Dover, N.H.

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    Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA


    Manuel D. Lucero, a car repair man at the Santa Fe shops, was killed yesterday when a boiler which was being moved by a large wrecking crane, bent the arm of the crane and struck him on the head. He died almost instantly. He leaves a wife and five children, father, mother, three brothers and one sister, besides a host of friends to mourn his death.

    Manuel D. Lucero was born thirty-eight years ago in Los Duranes, N. M., but had made his home in Old Albuquerque most of the time. For the past... Read MORE...

    Albuquerque Journal -  Albuquerque, New Mexico -  May 26, 1920

    Victorian man 

    1800s Advice and Etiquette for Men

    A seeming ignorance is very often a most neces
    sary part of worldly knowledge. It is , for instance ,
    commonly advisable to seem ignorant of what people offer to tell you ; and when they say, ' Have not you heard of such a thing ?' to answer, 'No...Read MORE...

    Practical Morality, Or, A Guide to Men and Manners... (1813). United Kingdom: J. Walker.

    Fall River, Massachusetts, USA


    Fall River, Mass., May 26. - A small boat containing a party of pleasure seekers was capsized in the rough water in the bay yesterday and eight persons were drowned.

    The names are:
    SAMUEL WITTLES, aged 50.
    MRS. WITTLES, aged 45.
    HENRY WITTLES, aged 10.
    SAMUEL WITTLES, JR., aged 12.
    LEVINA BUCKLEY, aged 35.
    FRED BUCKLEY, aged 3.
    WILLIE BUCKLEY, aged 8.
    WILLIE TURNER, aged 8.

    The accident was caused by the inexperience of one of the men who were rowing the boat. Only one of the... Read MORE...

    Evening Gazette  -  Sterling, Illinois -  May 26, 1890

    1892  Silver Anniversary
    Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Peterson of Harvard street, Whitman, Mass., celebrated their silver anniversary last evening, about eleven hundred guests being present. They were the recipients of many beautiful gifts. Mr. Peterson represented his district in the Legislature two terms and is at present a member of the School Board of Whitman.

    Boston Evening Transcript
    Boston, Massachusetts
    May 26, 1892

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    1917  May 26 – A tornado strikes Mattoon, Illinois, causing devastation and killing 101 people.
    May 26, 1917

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    1903  Niagara Runs Dry
    Telegraphing from Niagara Falls, the "Standard's" correspondent stated that recently pedestrians crossed over the river-bed, where human feet have never before trod. An ice jam near Goat Island had diverted the water to the Canadian side, and almost dried up the American rapids. Even residents thronged to witness a sight that they had never imagined possible. Above the ice jam the water was three feet higher that usual; below, it still ran close to the mainland, but practically the entire...

    West Gippsland Gazette
    May 26, 1903

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    1922  EXPLOSION OF FAULTY SHELL - Three Enlisted Men Killed at Camp Bragg, North Carolina.
    FAYETTEVILLE, N. C., May 25. - A board of officers have been appointed by Brigadier-General A. J. Bowley, commanding officer at Camp Bragg, to institute a thoroug inquiry into the death today of three enlisted men and the wounding of three men and an officer as a result of the accidental explosion of a shrapnel projectile during artillery practice. Preliminary examination of the gun which figured in the accident and details given by surviving members of the crew, led to the belief that the...

    The Nebraska State Journal
    Lincoln, Nebraska
    May 26, 1922

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    1920  San Benito Couple Hurt in Accident. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Spencer Injured When Motorcycle Brakes Fail to Work.
    HOLLISTER, May 25. - Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Spencer of this city met with an accident Sunday, while descending the Quien Saba grade. The brakes on their tandem motorcycle refused to work, throwing both of them off the machine. Mrs. Spencer injured her hand to such and extent that it was necessary to remove her to the Hazel Hawkins hospital, where one of the fingers was amputated. Mr. Spencer escaped with but a few body bruises.

    San Jose Mercury News
    San Jose, California
    May 26, 1920

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    1817  The bicycle is invented (Baron Karl de Drais de Sauerbrun, Germany)
    "... The first known bicyclist was the Comte de Sivrac, who was seen riding a two-wheel 'wooden horse' in Paris in 1791, the Smithsonian reports. Among its many drawbacks was that it was impossible to steer. On had to lift, drag or jump the front wheel to change direction. Baron von Drais or Sauerbrun, chief forester to the Grand Duke of Baden, solved that problem in 1817 - and added a padded saddle, too. He took his design to Paris where it became known as the velocipede..."

    Waukesha Daily Freeman
    Waukesha, Wisconsin
    May 26, 1977

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    1858  Breakfast Divorce
    A suit for divorce is pending in Rochester, New York, which originated in a dispute between Mr. B. and his wife as to whether they should have beefsteak broiled or some oysters fried for breakfast - the lady, whose tastes are excellent, contended for the latter.
    Daily Globe
    May 26, 1858

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    US flag 

    America - Did you know?

     It is prohibited to dance to the “Star Spangled Banner” in Massachusetts, thanks to an excessively patriotic 1917 law.

    Canadian flag 

    Quebec - Did you know?

     In the seventeenth century most of the world went to bed at nightfall because there was nothing else to do, and no easy or inexpensive artificial light. Candles were in use, to be sure, but a great many more of them were burned on the altars of the...Read MORE...

    Daily Life in New France ( french/ daily_life_in_new_france.htm)


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    1911 Canfield Fair Canfield, Ohio
    1911 Canfield Fair
    Canfield, Ohio

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