Sunday, November 28, 2010

1910 - Governor Ablaze as Santa.

Bystanders’ Promptness Saves Dickerson, of Nevada, at Christmas Tree.
Special to The Washington Post.

Reno, Nev. Dec. 27. - Had it not been for prompt action by bystanders, the governor of Nevada would have been one of the victims of the Christmas tree. As it was Gov. Dickerson, in the temporary role of Santa Claus, at Carson City, on Saturday night, was slightly burned.

The governor, at the executive mansion, was robed in the conventional Santa Claus suit, with furs and robe, flowing whiskers, and cotton batting “snow,” and was distributing presents to his children and those of the neighbors. As he leaned over the tree to get a present, a small taper ignited the cotton on his cap and instantly there was a kindling of flame.

Those nearby snatched off the burning cloth and extinguished the flames before much damage was done. The governor is now waiting for his eyebrows and eyelashes to grow, and his face and ears are pretty sore, and the children have some doubt as to the authenticity of Santa Claus.

The Washington Post
Washington, DC
28 December 1910