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Sunday, December 24, 2023

December 24 News - 1963 - Caribou, Muktuk Head Menu at Eskimo Christmas Table

Welcome to our blog, where we embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the rich tapestry of history and genealogy.  In this edition, we'll delve into the treasure trove of historical news articles dated December 24, unearthing stories that resonate with genealogists and history enthusiasts alike.  From local happenings to global events, we'll uncover the stories that shaped the lives of our ancestors, providing valuable insights for those on a quest to discover their roots.  So, grab your magnifying glass and step into the past as we unravel the December 24 historical headlines that may hold the missing pieces of your family's history puzzle.
    Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

    1963 - December 24 - Caribou, Muktuk Head Menu at Eskimo Christmas Table

    FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) - Children all over the world, in some small corner of their hearts, must secretly envy the children of Barrow.

    For how much close can one get to Santa and his workshop?

    Barrow children are quite familiar with reindeer, except the flying kind, and the bright red-nosed variety.

    Only a few of the oldest people in the village remember the coming of the missionaries. Around 1900 these missionaries brought with them the story of Christ and Christmas. They also told of ... Read MORE...

    The Morning Record -  Meriden, Connecticut -  December 24, 1963


    1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes


    One quart of nice buttermilk,
    add to it one teaspoonful of soda,
    quarter of a teaspoonful of salt,
    one tablespoonful of unmelted lard.

    Then stir in enough sifted flour to make as soft a dough as can be...Read MORE...

    "Palatable Dishes", 1891
    1884 Grover Cleveland campaign poster
    1884 Grover Cleveland campaign poster

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    Newport, Rhode Island, USA

    1943 - MORNING FIRE DAMAGES SHERMAN BUILDING - Blaze Believed To Have Started From Flue - Firemen in Hour and a Half Battle in Structure That Houses Daily News.

    Fire believed to have started early Monday from a defective exhaust flue in the Sherman building which houses the Daily News, resulted in a stubborn partition blaze leading from the third floor ceiling, and caused firemen an hour and a half's fight before the recall was sounded. Precautionary measures in the composing and press rooms during the fire enabled the Daily News to get out Monday's issue on time.

    The fire was discovered before it had gained much of a start. Frank Bobba, News... Read MORE...

    Newport Mercury And Weekly News -  Newport, Rhode Island -  December 24, 1943

    Victorian lady 

    1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

    Dress for Morning Visits — A lady should never receive her morning callers in a wrapper, unless they call at an unusually early hour, or some unexpected demand upon her time makes it impossible to change her dress after breakfast. On the other hand, ...Read MORE...

    The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


    Winnipeg, Dec. 23. - In the spectacular Winnipeg Theatre fire today, fifteen minutes after the alarm had been sounded the entire surrounding district was enveloped in smoke. Flames burst through the frail structure a few minutes later.

    Firemen forced their way into the building and although protected by smoke masks many were forced to retreat before the intense heat. As the fire worked its way through the auditorium and stage of the theatre a score of firemen rushed through the dense smoke... Read MORE...

    Lethbridge Herald -  Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada -  December 24, 1926

    Cambridge, New York, USA


    Cambridge, N. Y., Dec. 23. - This morning, at 2 o'clock, Ackley Hall, which was used as a roller skating rink, was discovered to be on fire. The flames spread rapidly, and it was found impossible to save the building, which was soon lapped up by the flames, which spread to the three-story brick building adjoining, owned by J. B. JERMAIN, of Albany, and occupied by E. N. TEFFT, grocer, on the first floor. The second story was occupied as a dwelling by H. O. BARTON and family. The third story was ... Read MORE...

    The New York Times -  New York, New York -  December 24, 1884

    Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA

    1913 - 2 HURT, $100,000 DAMAGE BY FIRE AT DOYLESTOWN

    Three Large Buildings Burned in Blaze of Unknown Origin – Flames Menaced Whole Town

    Special to the Times.
    DOYLESTOWN, Dec. 24. – Fire destroyed a block of valuable property here this morning when buildings on Ashland Street, between Clinton and Main Streets, burned to the ground. How the blaze started has not been determined.

    Two men were injured. E. A. WESTON, a member of the Willow Grove Fire Department, which responded to a general alarm, sustained serious lacerations when thrown from ... Read MORE...

    Trenton Evening Times -  Trenton, New Jersey -  December 24, 1913

    Middletown, Connecticut, USA


    Patients Are Thought Burned When Blaze Destroys Building of Middletown Institution.


    "Trusties" Remain Free from Panic and Help in Saving Goods - Loss is $25,000.

    MIDDLETOWN, Conn., Dec. 23 - Eight patients of the Connecticut Hospital for the Insane in this place are believed to have been burned to death tonight in a fire which completely destroyed one of the frame buildings of the hospital groups, a mile east of the main building.

    There were fifty-three...

    The New York Times -  New York, New York -  December 24, 1919

    Norwich, Connecticut, USA (Norwichtown) (Yantic) (Greeneville) (Occum) (Taftville)


    NORWICH, Conn., Dec. 23 - The oldest house in Windham County, a large wood colored edifice of the "lean to" period, which greatly antedated the revolution, having been built in 1710, has been burned in Thompson the past week. It was famous old inn christened as the "Brase Bull," and bore over the front door a miniature bull of old-fashioned hammered brass, which was also swallowed up in the flames. In the days of the then great New York, Hartford and Boston turnpike it was a changing station... Read MORE...

    The New York Times -  New York, New York -  December 24, 1883

    1873  Rabbit Hunting in Canterbury
    Canterbury still hold out strong inducements to hunters. Gilbert Perkins, and a friend from Central Village, on Tuesday, bagged fifteen rabbits and five partridges. On the same day Willis Rouse and two others, from the same place, went to another prat of the town and succeeded in capturing thirty rabbits. The most successful hunt yet reported, however, occurred about three weeks ago, when Gurdon Cady and two others caught forty rabbits in one day. In consequence of this last catch Central...

    Norwich Aurora
    Norwich, Connecticut

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    1963  December 24 - No Elves Needed
    HAWTHORE, Calif. (AP) - Now they're putting out a toy that makes toys. A manufacturer here is introducing a miniature plastic-producing factory. Sheets of plastic furnished with the kit are softened and then molded into airplanes, boats, cars, jewelry and other playthings. Various molds are included, as well as clay for creating original molds.

    The Morning Record
    Meriden, Connecticut

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    1963  December 24 - Grandfather Frost
    Russian children believe in Grandfather Frost. They think he is a neighbor to Santa Claus at the North Pole who comes in a horse-drawn troika sleigh with presents for children.

    The Morning Record
    Meriden, Connecticut

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    1924  December 24 - A flash fire at a Christmas celebration in a one-room schoolhouse in Babbs, Oklahoma kills 36 people, mostly small children.

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    1895  December 24 - George Washington Vanderbilt II officially opens his "Biltmore House" estate, inviting his family to celebrate his new home in Asheville, North Carolina.

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    1851  December 24 – The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., burns.

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    1887  Fire in Fargo.
    FARGO, Dak., Dec. 23. - Fire broke out at about 4 o'clock this morning in the block fronting on Northern Pacific avenue between Broadway and Fifth street. Doyle's livery stable, Holden's saloon, Stewart's saloon, Hunter's restaurant and Cole's unoccupied building, were totally consumed. Total loss, $35,000; insurance, $24,000. The upper rooms of the same buildings were occupied as sleeping rooms. Stanford's seed store on the west was saved, but the stock was injured by water. The fire was...

    Duluth Daily News
    Duluth, Minnesota

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    1910  Motor Fire Engine Used as Ambulance.
    Mrs. Lorena Pope of 139 Glover Avenue, Yonkers, died last night of burns received in a fire at her home, and Francis Piet, a boarder, was badly burned. The motor engine recently purchased by the Yonkers Fire Department, capable of traveling seventy miles an hour, was rushed toward St. Joseph's Hospital with the victims. but on the way met an ambulance, to which they were transferred and treated. Piet has a chance to recover.

    The New York Times
    New York, New York

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    1946  Women See Colors Better
    Women See Colors Better - Southbridge, Mass (UP) - The American Optical Co., studying the incidence of color blindness, discovered that 90 percent of the nation's color blind are men.

    Oswego Palladium Times
    Oswego, New York

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    US flag 

    America - Did you know?

     1948 - Pickles must bounce in Connecticut

    A pickle cannot be sold unless it bounces. According to a 1948 article, this law became a necessity after two scheming pickle packers tried to sell pickles “unfit for human consumption” on the sly....Read MORE...

    Canadian flag 

    Quebec - Did you know?

     When in Quebec, learn a little French; Québécois greatly appreciate it when you take the effort to talk to them in their native language.

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    Main Street, 1905
    Main Street, 1905

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