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Sunday, November 5, 2023

October 19 News - 1892 - Suicide Instead of a Wedding

Welcome to our blog, where we embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the rich tapestry of history and genealogy.  In this edition, we'll delve into the treasure trove of historical news articles dated October 19, unearthing stories that resonate with genealogists and history enthusiasts alike.  From local happenings to global events, we'll uncover the stories that shaped the lives of our ancestors, providing valuable insights for those on a quest to discover their roots.  So, grab your magnifying glass and step into the past as we unravel the October 19 historical headlines that may hold the missing pieces of your family's history puzzle.

    Buy Your Wall-Paper by Mail from the Manufacturers
    Kayser & Allman
    1214-1216 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

    Ladies' Home Journal
    March 1898

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    Cayuga County, New York, USA

    1897 - THE RAGING FOREST FIRES - Part of Cayuga County, N.Y., All Ablaze.

    Many Farm Houses, Barns, Hay Stacks and Animals Have Been Burned - The Farmers Fighting the Flames Night and Day - There has Been No Rain in the Vicinity Since July.

    AUBURN, N.Y., Oct. 18. - The northern part of Cayuga county is ablaze with forest fires which have been raging for the past two days, and nearly all the timber in the vicinity of Red Creek, Lowville, Sterling and North Victory has been destroyed. Many farm houses, barns, hay stacks and animals have been burned. The farmers are... Read MORE...

    The Scranton Republican -  Scranton, Pennsylvania -  October 19, 1897

    1781 - October 19 - The British Surrender at Yorktown

    America declared its independence in 1776, but it took another five years to win freedom from the British. That day came on October 19, 1781, when the British General Charles Cornwallis surrendered his troops in Yorktown, Virginia.

    General Cornwallis brought 8,000 British troops to Yorktown. They expected help from British ships sent from New York. The British ships never arrived. That was lucky for General George Washington and the Continental army. The thirteen colonies found their... Read MORE...
    October 19, 1781

    Sturbridge, Massachusetts, USA (Fiskdale)

    1892 - Suicide Instead of a Wedding

    WORCESTER, Mass., October 19 - H. M. Asselin of West Warren, a young Frenchman, was found dead in the road in Sturbridge late Monday afternoon. He had apparently shot himself while driving, and had fallen from the wagon, dragging a blanket with him. He was to marry yesterday a French girl named Cacher. At the time of his death the girl was waiting in the Catholic church in Southbridge for Asselin to call for her in her father's wagon. Instead of starting for Southbridge, however, he appears to... Read MORE...

    The Brooklyn Daily Eagle -  Brooklyn, New York -  October 19, 1892


    1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

    Rice Waffles - Beat together a pint of milk, the yolks of three eggs, two ounces of butter and half a teacup of thoroughly boiled rice, sprinkle a little salt and a half teaspoonful of soda into a pint of flour, and then sift it in. Beat...Read MORE...

    The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Conn., January 5, 1881
    Belfast, Maine, USA

    1865 - Fire

    BELFAST, Me., Oct. 13. A fire last night consumed nearly the entire business portion of this city below Washington and Cross streets. Over 100 buildings were destroyed, and the loss at least is $300,000. The principal losers are S. S. Lewis, Edward Johnson & Co., the heirs of A. J. Morrison, Stevens & Co., and L. S. Smith. The fire was caused by an incendiary. A strong wind favored the flames, which threatened the destruction of the whole city. An engine from Sears-port rendered good service.... Read MORE...

    The Farmers' Cabinet -  Amherst, New Hampshire -  October 19, 1865

    1867  Blasting Accident at Fair Haven - Seven Men Injured.
    BURLINGTON, Vt., Friday, Oct 18. Last evening seven men were injured, and three of them probably fatally, by the premature explosion of a blast in the slate quarries of J. J. Williams, at Fair Haven, Vt. Two kegs of gunpowder were being poured into a crevice, which probably contained fire from a previous blast.

    The New York Times
    New York, New York

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    1844  October 19 - The famous "Lower Great Lakes Storm" occurred. Southwesterly winds were at hurricane force for five hours, driving lake waters into downtown Buffalo NY. The storm drowned 200 persons.

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    America - Did you know?

     Thanksgiving Myth: Pilgrims wore buckled hats. NOT TRUE.


    Quebec - Did you know?

     Children in New France had many chores. Small children might bring in the wood for the fireplace. Older girls would help cook, clean and make clothes. Fathers would teach their sons how to ice fish. All the children would help gather maple sap in...Read MORE... ON/ LakeheadUniversity/ NewFranceWQ/ wqr6.aspx

    Picture of the Day

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    Discover the people who lived there, the places they visited and the stories they shared.

    Asylum Street, Looking West from Trumbull Street

    A College Education
    50 Cents a Week
    International Correspondence Schools, Scranton, Pa.

    Ladies' Home Journal
    February 1898

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    Died October 19


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