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Sunday, November 5, 2023

October 31 News - 1938 - Martian Men Attack U.S.! Thousands Flee in Panic!! But Twas Only Wells and Welles

Welcome to our blog, where we embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the rich tapestry of history and genealogy.  In this edition, we'll delve into the treasure trove of historical news articles dated October 31, unearthing stories that resonate with genealogists and history enthusiasts alike.  From local happenings to global events, we'll uncover the stories that shaped the lives of our ancestors, providing valuable insights for those on a quest to discover their roots.  So, grab your magnifying glass and step into the past as we unravel the October 31 historical headlines that may hold the missing pieces of your family's history puzzle.
    Dalton, Massachusetts, USA

    1905 - DALTON MAN HIT BY CAR. Nelson Goodrow Killed Near Government Mill - Once Before Had Narrow Escape.

    Nelson Goodrow of Dalton, a stone-mason was run over by an east-bound electric car and instantly killed last evening about 7 o'clock, at a point a short distance east of the government mill at Dalton. The car was in charge of Conductor Frank B. Ruff and Motorman Frederick You, and was runing slowly when the accident occurred.

    Goodrow, according to the story told by the motorman and Peck Davin, a farmer living in the vicinity, was walking along the road toward his home, and suddenly... Read MORE...

    Springfield Daily Republican -  Springfield, Massachusetts -  October 31, 1905

    Upland Farm
    Parson Bros.

    (Owned by Orrin and Kenneth Parsons)

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    Barre, Vermont, USA (Graniteville) (South Barre)

    1889 - A DAY IN BARRE. Swanton Business Men Visit that Booming Town.

    A number of business men from Swanton, mostly members of the local board of trade, took an outing yesterday for the puropse of sizing up the only town in Vermont that ever really boomed in true Western style. The returned home at night loaded with specimens of granite and pretty well satisfied that there are no flies on the granite town and nary a deserted farm in that vicinity. Through the courtesy of the Central road the party had a special train out of Swanton at 6.15, connecting with the... Read MORE...

    St Albans Messenger -  St Albans, Vermont -  October 31, 1889

    1938 - October 30 – Orson Welles' radio adaptation of The War of the Worlds is broadcast, causing panic in various parts of the United States.

    Martian Men Attack U.S.! Thousands Flee in Panic!! But Twas Only Wells and Welles

    By Charles A. Grumich
    NEW YORK, Oct. 31 (AP) - A horrible fantasy of war waged on the United States by fearsome, space-conquering men from Mars brought near panic to that part of the nation's radio audience which was not tuned in last night on Charlie McCarthy's rival radio program.

    In the double-quick tempo of the news broadcasters, the fiction of a Columbia program became so realistic that hysteria... Read MORE...

    The Delta Democrat-Times -  Greenville, Mississippi -  October 31, 1938

    1913 - October 31 – The Lincoln Highway, the first automobile road across the United States, is dedicated.

    New Route Across Continent Will Be Inaugurated With Many Celebrations in Towns Touched by It.
    New York, Oct. 31. - Dedication of the Lincoln Highway, the new direct roadway through 13 states from coast to coast, will be made by local celebrations in all towns and villages along the route tonight. The Highway has been completed and will open to all with no toll charges. Motorists, particularly, will find it convenient, not only in transcontinental travel, but... Read MORE...

    El Paso Herald -  El Paso, Texas -  October 31, 1913


    1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes


    One quart of nice buttermilk,
    add to it one teaspoonful of soda,
    quarter of a teaspoonful of salt,
    one tablespoonful of unmelted lard.

    Then stir in enough sifted flour to make as soft a dough as can be...Read MORE...

    "Palatable Dishes", 1891

    E. Trudeau's Dairy bottle

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    Tracadie, New Brunswick, Canada (Tracadie-Sheila)

    1949 - $200,000 Damage When Fire Sweeps New Brunswick Town

    TRACADIE, NB. Oct. 31 - (CP) - Damage was estimated up to $200,000 last night after an early morning fire destroyed four buildings at Tracadie, facing the Gulf of St. Lawrence on the northeastern coast of New Brunswick.

    Most of the loss was caused by destruction of a building containing the Capital Theatre, a large department store of the Tracadie Mercantile Company Limited, and an upstairs apartment occupied by the family of the theatre manager, Joseph McCalvy.

    The other destroyed...

    The Ottawa Journal -  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada -  October 31, 1949


    1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

    Finger Nails - if they are inclined to be stiff and brittle, should be annointed each night with a little vaseline. This will make them stronger and...Read MORE...

    The Ladies' Home Journal, June 1898
    Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


    MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 30. - Fire to-night destroyed the six-story building occupied by the Minneapolis Paper Company and owned by J. C. Oswald & Co. The stock of the paper company, known also as Wright, Barrows & Stillwell, was consumed. The value of the contents is said to have exceeded $200,000. The total loss is $250,000.

    Capt. George Smith of Engine Company No. 16 was leading a squad of men up a ladder on an adjoining structure in First Avenue, when the ladder broke, precipitating six men to ... Read MORE...

    The New York Times -  New York, New York -  October 31, 1902

    L'Acadie, Québec, Canada (Sainte-Marguerite-de-Blairfindie)

    1826 - Strange Robbery Attempt

    The editor of the Montreal Herald, has received an account of an attempt to commit a robbery at L'Acadie, but does not know the person who sent it, and therefore cannot vouch for it. The story is, that on the evening of the 8th, two men, with a weighty bag, called at Mrs. Le Roy's house, and asked for lodging, but she could not accommodate them. They then asked permission to leave the bag until morning, as they were much fatigued. To this she consented. The men carried the bag into a room where ... Read MORE...

    New-York Daily Advertiser -  New York -  October 31, 1826

    1918  October 31 – The Hungarian government terminates the personal union with Austria, officially dissolving the Austro-Hungarian empire.

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    1892  October 31 – The first collection of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories from The Strand Magazine, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, is published in London.

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    1868  A Watertown, N. Y., dispatch, October 21st says:
    An extensive fraud is being perpetrated throughout the country, and especially in the West, by negotiating forged drafts purporting to be drawn by the banking house of Howard & Baker, of Watertown, and signed by C. E. Helmer, Cashier. The drafts are neatly engraved and executed. These drafts, to the amount of several thousand dollars, have been sent here for collection. There has never been any such banking house in this village.

    St Joseph Herald
    Saint Joseph, Michigan

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    1868  Hans Christian Andersen, the celebrated Danish poet, says he has never had an income of more than six hundred dollars a year.
    So limited is the sale of books in Denmark that even the most successful works pay but little profit to their authors.

    St Joseph Herald
    Saint Joseph, Michigan

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    1891 Brick Works Burned.
    SAVANNAH, Oct. 28.- The Liberty Manufacturing Company's brick works, forty-eight miles from here on the Savannah, Florida and Western railroad burned the day before yesterday. Loss $40,000; insurance $20,000.

    The Macon Telegraph
    Macon, Georgia

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    1891  Mangled to Death.
    BIRMINGHAM, Oct. 29. - At the State Fair grounds today S. E. Gambee jumped from a dummy before it stopped. He slipped and fell between the car and the platform and was mangled to death in the presence of hundreds of people.

    The Macon Telegraph
    Macon, Georgia

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    1893  Fire
    NEW-MILFORD, Conn., Oct. 30. - A large barn in Washington, owned by William Wadsworth of New York, was burned last night, with a ton of tobacco, farming tools, and hay. Loss, $3,000; building insured, contents uninsured.

    The New York Times
    New York, New York

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    1836  Greatest Flour Manufactory
    Rochester, New York, is said to be the greatest flour manufactory in the world. There are 21 mills, which require 20,000 bushels of wheat daily to keep them in operation. They can manufacture and put up ready for market, 5000 barrels a day.
    New-Hampshire Patriot
    New Hampshire

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    America - Did you know?

     October 16, 1859 - Abolitionist John Brown and 21 followers capture federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Va. (now W. Va.), in an attempt to spark a slave revolt.


    Quebec - Did you know?

     Women wore shirts and skirts made of linen, cotton and hemp. Men wore knee breeches (pants that tied at the knee) and jerkins (jackets). They also wore wide-brimmed hats and tapabords (with earflaps). To survive the cold winter, the habitant copied...Read MORE... ON/ LakeheadUniversity/ NewFranceWQ/ wqr6.aspx

    Picture of the Day

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    Discover the people who lived there, the places they visited and the stories they shared.

    Public Library

    Odol Tooth Powder

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