Monday, June 8, 2015

1858 - The Dead Alive.

A few days ago, a respectable man in the employment of one of the largest mercantile houses in Quebec, took passage in a schooner for Baie St. Paul, on a visit to his relations. He carried with him a good stock of wearing apparel, and a check for the amount of his wages, a considerable sum.

On the voyage he fell sick, and apparently died, or what is more probable, became insensible, from some narcotic administered to him. The captain of the schooner having taken possession of his clothing and money, sent two of the crew ashore to bury the dead passenger. They dug the grave, threw him in, and had begun to cover the body, when the dead man, contrary to all law in such cases made and provided, suddenly sat bolt upright and inquired, "Have we arrived at last?"

The amateur sextons took to their heels and fled, leaving their task but half accomplished. The corpse vindicated its vitality by cries which brought the assistance of a gentleman fishing in the neighborhood, and the half buried victim was released from the grave, well cared for, and as soon as fit to travel forwarded home.

In the meantime the "false sea captain" proceeded on his voyage; arriving at St. Paul he told of the death of his passenger, and his burial, and he delivered to his friends a portion of his worst clothing, retaining his best and the check for his wages.

When asked whether he had no check or money, he denied it. Proceeding thence to Quebec, he changed the check, invested the money in flour, and returned home with flying colors, little dreaming that the buried man was following in pursuit.
Montreal Advertiser.

Newbern Daily Progress
New Bern, North Carolina