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Thursday, January 11, 2024

January 11 News - 1894 - Intelligent Puss

Welcome to our blog, where we embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the rich tapestry of history and genealogy.  In this edition, we'll delve into the treasure trove of historical news articles dated January 11, unearthing stories that resonate with genealogists and history enthusiasts alike.  From local happenings to global events, we'll uncover the stories that shaped the lives of our ancestors, providing valuable insights for those on a quest to discover their roots.  So, grab your magnifying glass and step into the past as we unravel the January 11 historical headlines that may hold the missing pieces of your family's history puzzle.
    Key West 7 Mile Bridge
    Key West 7 Mile Bridge

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    1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

    Corn Breakfast Cake

    A housekeeper contributes the following to the American Agriculturist, with a sample of the result for the editor, which he pronounced "not bad to take:" The writer says: 'My cook, Kate, is to be credited with the mixture if...Read MORE...

    The Willimantic Journal, Willimantic, Connecticut, December 19, 1862
    Visit Cape Cod
    Visit Cape Cod

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    Niagara Falls, New York, USA

    1889 - AT NIAGARA FALLS. The Suspension Foot Bridge Gone and Other Damage Done.

    NIAGARA FALLS, N. Y., Jan 11. - The storm raged here with great fury. The suspension foot bridge spanning the Niagara river below the falls was torn from its gables at 3 o'clock this morning and a portion of it lies on either bank, while the center portion of it is at the bottom of the river.

    The structure was cut clean from tower to tower.

    At 2 o'clock in the afternoon the fury of the storm showed no abatement.

    The railroads suffered great damage and all trains are delayed several... Read MORE...

    The News -  Frederick, Maryland -  January 11, 1889

    Victorian lady 

    1800s Advice and Etiquette for Ladies

    Be careful always that the details of your dress are perfectly finished in every point. The small articles of a wardrobe require constant care to keep in perfect order, yet they will wofully revenge themselves if...Read MORE...

    The Ladies' Book of Etiquette, and Manual of Politeness: A Complete Handbook for the Use of the Lady in Polite Society... by Florence Hartley, January 1, 1872
    Carterville, Illinois, USA


    Carterville, Ill. - An explosion ripped through the Blue Blaze Coal Co.'s No. 2 mine northeast of Carterville at about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, killing all 11 underground workers.

    Rescue teams who toiled all night in sub-zero weather began the grim task of removing the bodies this morning.

    A temporary morgue was set up at the Carterville American Legion club, where members of the miner's families were to be taken to identify the victims. The chore ended long hours of tearful waiting.
    Those...

    Southern Illinoisan -  Carbondale, Illinois -  January 11, 1962

    Wilmington, Delaware, USA


    Wilmington, Del., January 10. - Friday night's snow storm caused the most serious block on the railroad track here that has occurred for years, suspending travel for hours. About 7:45 yesterday morning the Wilmington & Northwestern train, which leaves for Reading, Pa., at eight o'clock, collided with two shifting engines that had been sent out from the station with snow shovels to clear the track. Both engines were running rapidly, and the Wilmington & Northern train was also under a good head... Read MORE...

    Alton Daily Telegraph -  Alton, Illinois -  January 11, 1886

    1892  West Rutland Methodist Church Fire
    The Methodist church at West Rutland, Vt., was burned yesterday afternoon. The fire probably caught from the furnace. The furniture, pews, and carpets were saved. The church was built in 1885 and cost $6,000. It was considered one of the prettiest churches in the Troy Methodist Conference. Insurance, $3,000.

    The New York Times
    New York, New York

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    1900 Obituary
    Mrs Ovilla Delage, wife of Louis Delage leader in the Southbridge Brass Band died suddenly on Saturday night. She was a daughter of David Boucher, of this town and 32 years of age. Funeral services were held Tuesday at Notre Dame church. The bearers were Francis Boucher, Alfred Boucher, Francis Delage, Elie Delage. Many relatives and friends were present from Central Falls, Woonsocket, R.I. and Spencer Mass.

    The Southbridge Journal
    Southbridge, Massachusetts

    1935  January 11 – Amelia Earhart becomes the first person to fly solo from Hawaii to California.

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    1918 January 11, 1918 - A tremendous blizzard completely immobilized the Midwest, stopping mail service for two weeks.
    The vast storm then moved through the Great Lakes Region and the Ohio Valley. Winds reached 60 mph at Toledo OH, and the temperature plunged from 28 above to 15 below zero during passage of the cold front

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    1879  The End of the Whistle
    Locomotive whistling is to be superseded at Poughkeepsie, N.Y., by a bell worked by electricity which will be set up in the depot. When the train arrives within a mile of the station, the bell will ring until it gets to the depot. The danger signal is thus given, and the waste of steam is avoided, to say nothing of the racket.

    St Joseph Herald
    Saint Joseph, Michigan

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    1759  January 11 - 1st American life insurance company incorporated, Philadelphia

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    1803  January 11 - Monroe & Livingston sail for Paris to buy New Orleans; they buy La
    December 20 - French flag lowered in New Orleans to mark formal transfer of Louisiana Purchase from France to US for $27M

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    1897  A $200,000 Fire In Minneapolis.
    MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Jan. 10. - Fire this morning destroyed the packing house of the Anchor Flour Mill, owned by the Pillsbury-Washburn Milling Company. The loss is $200,000, fully insured.

    The New York Times
    New York, New York

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    Chicago, Ill., Jan. 10. - The St. Nicholas Hotel, of Springfield, was damaged by fire, last night, to the extent of $80,000. The loss on furniture by fire and waster is about $6,000. The building was owned by H. S. & M. Hubbell, of Buffalo, N. Y., and the furniture by John McCreery, the proprietor of the hotel. The loss on the furniture is fully covered by insurance in the following companies: Royal, of Springfield, Ill.; Fire and Marine, and German-American, of New-York; North British,...

    The New York Times
    New York, New York

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    1894  Intelligent Puss
    A young woman bookkeeper employed in an office at South Manchester, Connecticut, has been in the habit for some time past of giving the office cat a piece of meat for its lunch every day. Precaution is taken to lay a piece of paper under the meat to avoid greasing the floor. The other day, at lunch hour, when there was no meat, pussy begged for some in her most intelligent fashion, and at last going to the waste basket dragged forth her regular paper table cloth and laid it properly for the...

    The Indiana Democrat
    Indiana, Pennsylvania

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    1912  January 11 - Bread & Roses Strike begins in Lawrence, Massachusetts
    1912-01-29 - Martial law declared in textile strike in Lawrence, MA

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    1889  Schooner Wreck
    GLOUCESTER, Mass., Jan. 11. - The schooner wrecked on Bass Rocks was the forty ton Juliette, of Belfast, Me., from Rockland, Me., with lime ashes for Beverly, Mass. Eben Holmes, the captain and owner, says she lost her masts and began to fill with water during yesterday's gale, off Eastern Point. Holmes and his two men took to the boat, which soon after capsized. Holmes was unable to divest himself of his heavy overcoat, but swam in it to the shore, three quarters of a mile away. The others...

    The News
    Frederick, Maryland

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    Albany, N.Y., Jan. 11. - SUSAN ROSNA, aged eight years, was struck by the Montreal express train on the Delaware & Hudson railroad entering this city at 5:40 Saturday night and her body was horribly mangled. She was coming from the canal where she had been watching the skaters, and was struck just as she stepped upon the track, which runs by the side of the canal.

    Daily Iowa Capital
    Des Moines, Iowa

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    US flag 

    America - Did you know?

     Wild monkeys completely inhabit an island with no human residents located off the coast of South Carolina.

    Canadian flag 

    Quebec - Did you know?

     Canada produces about 70% of the world’s pure maple syrup. Out of that 70% about 90% is from the province of Quebec.

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    Lincoln Square
    Lincoln Square
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