Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Strange Genealogy - 1802

[From the Mirror, an English Magazine.]

"All the persons named in the following strange Genealogy, were living at Faversham, Kent (E.) it is said, Feb. 10, 1760. Old Harwood had two daughters by his first wife, of which the eldest was married to John Cashick, ths son, and the youngest to John Cashick, the father. This Cashick, the father, had a daughter by his first wife, whom old Harwood married, and by her had a son; therefore Cashick's second wife could say as follows:

My father is my son, and I'm my mother's mother;
My sister is my daughter, and I'm grandmother to my brother."

Date: March 01, 1802
Location: Massachusetts
Paper: Salem Gazette
Source: genealogybank.com