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Sunday, March 24, 2024

March 25 News - 1911 - A fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City kills 146.

Welcome to our blog, where we embark on a captivating journey through time, exploring the rich tapestry of history and genealogy.  In this edition, we'll delve into the treasure trove of historical news articles dated March 25, unearthing stories that resonate with genealogists and history enthusiasts alike.  From local happenings to global events, we'll uncover the stories that shaped the lives of our ancestors, providing valuable insights for those on a quest to discover their roots.  So, grab your magnifying glass and step into the past as we unravel the March 25 historical headlines that may hold the missing pieces of your family's history puzzle.

    1896 - March 25 - Witness Missing in Aldrich-Baker Shooting Case

    The case against Charles T. Aldrich Jr. of Sutton, charged with shooting Albert Baker, an employee, was to have come up for trial at Tuesday’s session of the central district court, but was continued until April 28. The continuance was the results of a conference between the counsel for both parties. District Attorney Rugg, Judge Utley and State Detective Murray. Mr. Murray stated that one of the most important witnesses in the case had disappeared, and so he wished the continuance. All parties ... Read MORE...

    Worcester Daily Spy -  Worcester, Massachusetts -  Wednesday, March 25, 1896

    Lowneys Chocolate Bonbons  The Walter M. Lowney Company 89 Pearl Street Boston  The Ladies Home Journal April 1898  The Walter M. Lowney C
    Lowney's Chocolate Bonbons

    The Walter M. Lowney Company
    89 Pearl Street

    The Ladies' Home Journal
    April 1898

    "The Walter M. Lowney Company, an American candy and chocolate manufacturer, renowned especially for the Cherry Blossom, was founded in 1883 in Boston. The company operated a series of chocolate stores and also published cookbooks..."

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    Manhattan, New York, USA (New York City) (New Amsterdam) (Washington Heights)

    1911 - March 25 – A fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City kills 146.

    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire was a tragic industrial disaster that occurred on March 25, 1911, in New York City, USA. It remains one of the deadliest workplace incidents in American history and had a profound impact on labor rights and workplace safety regulations.

    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was a garment factory located on the top three floors of the Asch Building, near Washington Square Park in Manhattan. It mainly produced shirtwaists, a popular type of women's blouse at the... Read MORE...

    March 25, 1911


    1800s Cooking Tips and Recipes

    Chow Chow

    Two quarts of tomatoes, two white onions, half dozen green peppers, one dozen cucumbers, two heads of cabbage, all chopped fine; let this stand over night; sprinkle a teacup of salt in it. In the morning drain off the brine, and season...Read MORE...

    The Willimantic Chronicle, Willimantic, Connecticut, September 7, 1881

    Home Dressmaking Valuable Book Given Free to Our Readers  Wells, Richardson & Co., Burlington, Vt.  The Ladies Home Journal May 1898
    Home Dressmaking
    Valuable Book Given Free to Our Readers

    Wells, Richardson & Co., Burlington, Vt.

    The Ladies' Home Journal
    May 1898

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    Montgomery, Alabama, USA

    1911 - Fire At Buckeye Plant.

    The fire department was called to the plant of the Buckeye Cotton Seed Oil Mills on Maple Street this morning at 10:45 o'clock. The blaze originated in the seed rooms of the mill and was extinguished soon after the arrival of the department.

    The plant of the Buckeye mills is equipped with its own fire fighting apparatus and the men employed at the mills are often drilled. When the fire was discovered in the [illegible] rooms this morning the force of the mills was called out and the fire... Read MORE...

    The Montgomery Advertiser -  Montgomery, Alabama -  March 25, 1911

    1894  March 25 – Coxey's Army (of the unemployed), the first significant protest march in the United States, departs from Massillon, Ohio, for Washington, D.C.
    March 25, 1894

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    1843  March 25 – Marc Isambard Brunel's Thames Tunnel, the first tunnel under the River Thames and the world's first bored underwater tunnel, is opened in London.
    March 25, 1843

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    1948  March 25 - Tornadoes at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City
    For the second time in less than a week airplanes were destroyed by a tornado at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City OK. A March 20th tornado destroyed fifty planes at Tinker AFB causing more than ten million dollars damage, and the March 25th tornado destroyed another thirty-five planes causing six million dollars damage. The first tornado struck without warning, and caused more damage than any previous tornado in the state of Oklahoma. The second tornado was predicted by Fawbush and Miller of the...
    March 25, 1948

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    1935  March 12-25 - Suffocating dust storms occurred frequently in southeastern Colorado between the 12th and the 25th of the month.
    Six people died, and many livestock starved or suffocated. Up to six feet of dust covered the ground. Schools were closed, and many rural homes were deserted by tenants.
    The Weather Channel
    March 25, 1935

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    1803  16 people aged 1,444 years
    There are now living, in the town of Westerly, in the state of Rhode Island, sixteen persons, the amount of whose ages is, 1,444 years. The oldest being 102 years, and the youngest being 81 years. The average being 90 years and three months.
    Daily Advertiser
    New York
    March 25, 1803

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    US flag 

    America - Did you know?

     October 16, 1859 - Abolitionist John Brown and 21 followers capture federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Va. (now W. Va.), in an attempt to spark a slave revolt.

    Canadian flag 

    Quebec - Did you know?

     About 30,000 French people set out on the great voyage to New France before 1760. Of this number, 27,000 arrived alive... All in all of the 27,000 immigrants, 14,000, or a little more than half, settled in New France.

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    Home Trust Co. & Burmingham Natl Bank, Main St.
    Home Trust Co. & Burmingham Nat'l Bank, Main St.
    Needs no Washing out The Odorless Refrigerator  The Keyser Mfg Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.  The Ladies Home Journal April 1898
    Needs no Washing out
    The "Odorless" Refrigerator

    The Keyser Mfg Co., Chattanooga, Tenn.

    The Ladies' Home Journal
    April 1898

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